An Introduction to A Touch Of Gold

THIS WEBSITE/BLOG titled “Elvis – A Touch Of Gold” includes articles on Elvis’ records and the sessions that made them possible As an introduction, I also address Presley’s movies, television and concert appearances, and even some memorabilia—mostly the ’50s EPE novelties like charm bracelets, lipstick, and other yucky stuff for girls. Here I will primarily address the music and the records of Elvis Presley, especially those that were released as 78, and 45 rpm singles and 45 and 33 rpm albums (EPs and LPs, respectively) on vinyl during his lifetime. Each article will contain facts, commentary, and… Continue Reading An Introduction to A Touch Of Gold

from nashville to memphis with heaven in between

THE FIRST DELUXE ELVIS boxed compact-disc set was KING OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL – THE COMPLETE 50’s MASTERS, issued in 1992 to great fanfare. It contained five discs that featured the complete studio recordings of Presley from 1954-1958. More than 100 recordings in genuine, honesttagawd mono seemed like a gift from Heaven! The set also included an informative booklet with an accurate sessionography and an intelligent biographical essay. It was well received by critics and fans and an immediate hit with disc-buyers, quickly moving millions of units around the world. 1 But you’d never know that… Continue Reading from nashville to memphis with heaven in between

elvis’ golden caricatures volume 6 (wild in the ’60s)

FROM 1960 THROUGH 1968, the image that Elvis Presley presented to the public was some combination of boy-next-door and movie-matinee-idol. In fact, the Elvis of these years comes close to realizing the goody two-shoes/mama’s-boy image he was saddled with in some quarters! Among caricaturists, there isn’t as much interest in re-imagining this Elvis as there is in the Elvis the Pelvis of the ’50s and the jump-suited Elvis of the ’70s. Nonetheless, I found another twelve fantastic pieces of art for this second volume of Elvis in the ’60s—and the sixth volume overall. (The first four were Elvis in the… Continue Reading elvis’ golden caricatures volume 6 (wild in the ’60s)

another mess of blues with wikipedia and elvis

A MESS OF BLUES seems to be the song that sums up many of the entries on Wikipedia for rock & roll in general and Elvis Presley in particular. Their article on the soundtrack album for the 1968 NBC-TV Special ELVIS is so error-ridden as to be not only not useful, but to be downright harmful! It’s yet another mess of blues about Elvis on Wiki. And it’s amazing how much misinformation the Wiki writers can slip into a few paragraphs about a topic that involves popular music of the past sixty years. In many fields, Wiki… Continue Reading another mess of blues with wikipedia and elvis

elvis as contented everyman in “good omens”

ELVIS MAY HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING, but he has passed into popular culture as an historical figure and as a metaphorical/mythological presence. These latter two were first found in songs, especially after his death. They can now be found in movies and literature, including Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens”! His presence is less prevalent in literature, but it is there. He pops up in the background in the novel Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The book is a farce about the birth of the son of Satan and Armageddon, and humorous attempts by an angel and a demon who team up to undermine the plans… Continue Reading elvis as contented everyman in “good omens”

I’m a guest blogger on the official Graceland website!

WELL LAWDY MISS CLAWDY, I’m a guest blogger for Elvis! On Friday, the official website for Graceland picked up my article on the 1968 NBC-TV Special as part of their annual celebration of the original December 3, 1968, broadcast date. Graceland ran a condensed version of my article under the original title, “Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback – Burbank to Graceland.“And it’s pushed interest in my piece across the board: response has been phenomenal! The editors dropped my reference to Elvis’s home Graceland having become both a social and personal metaphor. I used Paul Simon’s song Graceland and the movie… Continue Reading I’m a guest blogger on the official Graceland website!

from burbank to graceland to facebook

WELL, BLESS MY SOUL, what’s wrong with me? As a writer (someone who writes), I’ve been itchin’ like a man on a fuzzy tree for some time, hence my compulsive posting in my three blogs. I have posted 800,000 words in just three years on my three sites: Neal Umphred Dot Com, Rather Rare Records, and Elvis – A Touch Of Gold. That’s the equivalent of ten reasonable sized novels. But as an ‘author’ (a writer paid to publish his work), well, the itchin’ hasn’t been on the fuzzy tree level. A few friends and… Continue Reading from burbank to graceland to facebook