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I’m on the edge of reality reconfiguring this site into something new and exciting, and have been for the past two weeks. In fact, it seems like I’ve been doing this for so long that the old site is just a memory pressed between the pages of my mind!

Well, you know what they say: yoga is as yoga does! A Touch Of Gold may be under construction for a few more days, but it should be worth the wait.

So while dark shadows follow me, go and grab your backwoods baby by the hand and get real, real gone for a change.

Let yourself go and do the clam . . .


ELVIS – A TOUCH OF GOLD includes articles on Presley’s records and the sessions that made them possible. I also address Elvis in concert, on television, and at the movies. I may even occasionally stray into the field memorabilia—mostly the ’50s EPE novelties like charm bracelets, lipstick, and other yucky stuff for girls.

Most articles will contain facts, photos, commentary, and opinion, and will usually feature data that interests both fans and record collectors.


ELVIS – A TOUCH OF GOLD has been around for three years. Those readers who are regulars and know how I meander and want a little conversation can get a little more action by skipping the rest of this first page and go right to the articles in the Blog section by clicking here . . .




A TOUCH OF GOLD is mostly based on four different types of personal experiences with Elvis Presley:

1. My experiences as a fan of Elvis’s music since I was a child in the ’50s and first heard You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.
2. My experiences as a buyer of Elvis’s records since the mid ’60s, when I was able to save enough of my allowance to buy 45s.
3. My experiences as a buyer and seller of collectable Elvis records since the mid ’70s.
4. My experiences as an author chronicling and evaluating rare Elvis records in articles, books, and now the Internet since the ’80s.

What you won’t find on A Touch Of Gold is gossip about Elvis’s personal life.But I do differentiate between idle gossip (like sex and drugs) and addressing events in Presley’s personal life that obviously affected his professional life (like sex and drugs).

That is, I differentiate between gossip about what he did or didn’t do in the bedroom with events in his personal life that affected his professional life—and that does include a few pillow partners, notably Ann-Margret.


A TOUCH OF GOLD focuses on Elvis records—buying them, listening to them, collecting them. I have published two price guides for collectors in what is beginning to feel like a previous life:

Elvis Presley Record Price Guide (1985)
A Touch Of Gold – Elvis Record & Memorabilia Price Guide (1991)

I try to include a discography, labelography, and even a price guide for the records and memorabilia discussed in each article.

I might even mention CDs now and again.