THIS WEBSITE/BLOG titled “Elvis – A Touch Of Gold” includes articles on Elvis’ records and the sessions that made them possible As an introduction, I also address Presley’s movies, television and concert appearances, and even some memorabilia—mostly the ’50s EPE novelties like charm bracelets, lipstick, and other yucky stuff for girls.

Here I will primarily address the music and the records of Elvis Presley, especially CONTINUE READING

elvis’ final four movies and their soundtracks

ELVIS PRESLEY’S LEGACY as both a recording artist and an actor seems to suggest that he had his head buried so far up his own behind during the ’60s that he didn’t notice that the times they were a-changing. But his final four movies and their soundtracks suggest otherwise.

Actually, he was far too astute not to have been aware—the lack of response by him aesthetically CONTINUE READING

saying something stupid like “elvis was a dumb hick”

EXCEPT FOR A FEW IDJITS, there is near universal recognition and acceptance of the genius and wonder that was the Beatles from 1962 through 1970. Making a snide remark about the artistic and commercial achievements of John Paul George & Ringo, or saying something stupid about their place at the toppermost of the rock & roll totem pole, will guarantee that few will ever take CONTINUE READING

hirschfeld and elvis: drawings and prints 1956-1968

THE FIRST CARICATURE of Elvis Presley appeared in July 1956 in Collier’s magazine. The drawing was by the inimitable Hirschfeld, and it was clean, simple, and effective. But it was a rather bland drawing, lacking the pizazz usually associated with his work—as if he wasn’t particularly interested in his subject. Nonetheless, Hirschfeld continued to draw Presley several times through the years. 

This is article could


the first published caricature of elvis presley

HE FIRST CARICATURE OF ELVIS PRESLEY that I have found was first published in the July 6, 1956, issue of Collier’s magazine. The image was drawn by the inimitable Al Hirschfeld and was used to illustrate yet another column criticizing the singer—or more accurately, the singer’s fans. As this is an important image, I have devoted the entirety of this article (essentially “Elvis’ Golden Caricatures

quora question answered: was elvis presley a great musician?

IRECENTLY DISCOVERED QUORA, a sorta social media website with a mission: “To share and grow the world’s knowledge.” They do this by allowing registered members (it’s free and easy) to ask questions and other members to offer answers. When I signed up, I ticked off a number of categories of interest to me, and these are the questions that Quora sends me via email every CONTINUE READING

the original RIAA gold standard was based on units of one million

THE ORIGINAL RIAA GOLD RECORDS were introduced in 1958, and there were only two awards: a Gold Record for singles, and a Gold Record for LPs. To qualify, a single must have sold a minimum of one million (1,000,000) copies, while an LP album must have sold one million dollars ($1,000,000) at the manufacturer’s wholesale price. There were no “unit” sales required for LP certification, CONTINUE READING

moody blue – facts and fallacies about elvis’ final album as a collector’s item

AUGUST 16, 1977, WAS THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL: Elvis Presley died. Very few fans were aware of his deteriorating health and we were unprepared for our own response to his death. Fans were aware of Elvis in general: his latest album, MOODY BLUE, had been released four weeks earlier and was selling better than usual. In the months after his death, his final CONTINUE READING