Categorizing This Site

WORDS OF WISDOM from virtually every website and blogging guru in the whole webwide world is to keep the number of categories to a minimum. Under ten is usually advised, but I’m at eleven and I haven’t even gotten around to discussing Elvis’s albums on prerecorded tape (reel-to-reel, 8-track, and cassette). And I probably should have one for foreign releases.

Hell, I could break up the current Memorabilia category into so many sub-categories I would need a new site just to hold them. The ones that come to mind include:

Elvis Presley Enterprises
RCA Victor
Las Vegas

Those are the BIG ones, but there are also the many, many tours of the ’70s.

The categories

The eleven current categories are as follows (and each has a page of information devoted to it—they can be found in the sub-menu to CATEGORIES on the homepage):

33 RPM EP Albums
33 RPM LP Albums

33 RPM Singles
45 RPM EP Albums
45 RPM Singles
Caricatures & Fan Art
Compact Discs (Cds)

General Observations
Movies & Television

I can’t imagine ever having much to say about the posthumous junk, er, ‘commemorative items’—except as collectables most of them are a must to avoid!