on the edge of reality with the pseudo-pyschedelic elvis

IF I CAN DREAM, I’ll have this article finished before I find myself sitting on the edge of reality. You know—where life’s dream lies disillusioned and dark shadows follow me. (But that’s another story for another time.) Each year on this day I try to write something about my experience of being an Elvis fan since I was in grade-school way, way back in the ’50s.  CONTINUE READING

I was going to subscribe to your site, but if you mention drugs once …

IT STARTED SIMPLY: someone posted a comment on my Elvis Facebook page: “I was going to subscribe to your Elvis web blog, but then started to read some of your posts. OMG if you mention drugs once!” Then it got worse. Actually, once is about the rate at which I mention Elvis and drugs on this site, but let’s save that for later, as this whole article addresses the Facebook comment.