all the elvis sun EPs are bootleg EPs

YUP, THAT’S CORRECT: all of the Elvis Sun EPs are bootleg EPs. Fortunately, most collectors seem to know that they are not legitimate, and few sellers advertise them as anything other than boots. But they are nice looking records and most serious Elvis collectors own them, so if you have been looking into them and wanting some information, look no further! This is a follow-up to Elvis Bootleg Picture Sleeves that exist for Sun and RCA Victor singles that were released in 1954, 1955, and 1956 without legitimate picture sleeves at that time. While there were dozens of such sleeves… Continue Reading all the elvis sun EPs are bootleg EPs

elvis presley bootleg picture sleeves 1954-1956

EVERY RECORD COLLECTOR should be familiar with some if not all of the many colorful picture sleeves that accompanied Elvis Presley records in the 1950s, many collectors may not be aware that not all Presley Product was issued with such a sleeve. All of them are collectable and I would argue that almost all of them are truly under-valued in truly near mint condition (NM), even harder than THAT to find in mint condition (M)! Yet many collectors are unaware that of the twenty-one Elvis Presley 45 rpm singles issued in the United States by Sun and RCA Victor, nineteen were… Continue Reading elvis presley bootleg picture sleeves 1954-1956