elvis compact 33s around the world 1960–1969

AROUND THE WORLD, Elvis records were issued as Compact 33 Singles that were not issued domestically. Oddly, far more Compact 33 Doubles were issued, many offering either unique cover art or content. The Japanese especially embraced this format and kept issuing them into 1967.

The singles are listed by year of release. The doubles are listed by country and then year of release, and where I can’t understand the language nor the dates, they are in order of the earliest photo of Elvis.CONTINUE READING

elvis compact 33s from europe 1961–1962 (spain and france)

IN EUROPE, the compact 33 rpm single lasted into 1962and like the rest of this wonderful world of ours, Elvis records were issued as Compact 33 Singles and Doubles there that were not issued domestically. The records below are almost entirely from Spain with a couple from France.

Elvis compact 33s from Spain embraced both formats and released several interesting singles with picture sleeves and EPs with new artwork.CONTINUE READING

Elvis By Request compact 33 double EP album

DURING 1961-1962, RCA Victor issued five of Elvis Presley’s new singles as monaural Compact 33 Singles in the US. These are all really rather rare records and their picture sleeves are even rarer! This something that cannot be said about almost any other commercially released Elvis titles. They also released a couple of unique formats.

The first Elvis record to be released on the new format was not a single, but an EP, or Compact 33 Double.CONTINUE READING