saying something stupid like “elvis was a dumb hick”

EXCEPT FOR A FEW IDJITS, there is near universal recognition and acceptance of the genius and wonder that was the Beatles from 1962 through 1970. Making a snide remark about the artistic and commercial achievements of John Paul George & Ringo, or saying something stupid about their place at the toppermost of the rock & roll totem pole, will guarantee that few will ever take your utterances seriously again! Such across-the-board appreciation does not exist for the only other musician to sit atop that pole of large-scale (quantity- and quality-wise) artistic and commercial success with the Fab Four—Elvis Presley.… Continue Reading saying something stupid like “elvis was a dumb hick”

quora question answered: was elvis presley a great musician?

IRECENTLY DISCOVERED QUORA, a sorta social media website with a mission: “To share and grow the world’s knowledge.” They do this by allowing registered members (it’s free and easy) to ask questions and other members to offer answers. When I signed up, I ticked off a number of categories of interest to me, and these are the questions that Quora sends me via email every day. One of the first questions on one of my first emails concerned Elvis Presley’s “musicianship.” Of course, I had to answer. But it took me more than a week to compose the answer (I… Continue Reading quora question answered: was elvis presley a great musician?

country music fans were always divided on elvis

IN A RECENT ARTICLE, I broke Elvis fandom down into several distinct groups, or generations. In response, Nondisposablejohnny (the enigmatic overseer of The Round Place In The Middle website) posted a pair of observations in the Comment Section. I started to answer his points in that section, but realized that I had a bit to say on the subjects. Always divided between immediacy and exposition, I opted for the latter and here we are. Aside from addressing Nondisposablejohnny’s (NDJ) points, I get to ramble on about related and even peripheral issues. In “Fifty Generations Of Elvis Fans Can’t Be… Continue Reading country music fans were always divided on elvis

fifty generations of elvis fans can’t be wrong

THE TERM “ELVIS FAN” is generally bantered about as if it describes one large group that has been more or less the same for sixty years. There are many generations of fans, from those who fell in love with Elvis the Pelvis in the ’50s, to those who grew up with “the King” through the Jumpsuit Years of the ’70s. Of course there weren’t fifty generations of Elvis fans—that’s just an allusion! 1 As this article is not an attempt at sociology, it simply identifies five basic generations. These generations are not based on age, but when fans discovered… Continue Reading fifty generations of elvis fans can’t be wrong


THIS WEBSITE/BLOG titled “Elvis – A Touch Of Gold” includes articles on Elvis’ records and the sessions that made them possible As an introduction, I also address Presley’s movies, television and concert appearances, and even some memorabilia—mostly the ’50s EPE novelties like charm bracelets, lipstick, and other yucky stuff for girls. Here I will primarily address the music and the records of Elvis Presley, especially those that were released as 78, and 45 rpm singles and 45 and 33 rpm albums (EPs and LPs, respectively) on vinyl during his lifetime. Each article will contain facts, commentary, and opinion, and will usually… Continue Reading INTRODUCTION