fake elvis autographs on records and memorabilia

COUNTERFEITING ALL THINGS ELVIS has been going on since at least the early ’60s, when the FBI believes that mob-related organizations printed millions of copies of several best-selling albums from the 1950s and early ’60s. Other records include fine reproductions of the Sun 45s and 78s, various pieces of memorabilia, and fake sets of the 1956 Topps bubble gum cards. And faking Presley’s signature has been big business for decades. Fake autographed memorabilia being sold at charity fundraisers sounds like the act of a misanthrope at best, a sociopath more likely. Cheating those who are spending their money knowing that it will go to help… Continue Reading fake elvis autographs on records and memorabilia

what makes something collectable?

BUYERS AND SELLERS of anything considered collectable often fail to achieve their goals of financial success because they do not understand a few basic concepts concerning the nature of a collectable—any collectable. Because this a record collectors website, I will refer to records in this essay, but you can substitute almost any other collectable and the comments remain virtually unchanged about what makes something collectable . . . Although collectable is the spelling listed first for the adjective by the Oxford English Dictionary and is standard spelling in British English, the dictionary observes that [collectible] is also valid and… Continue Reading what makes something collectable?

the avid record collector’s price guide to A Touch Of Gold albums

MY FIRST POST ON THIS SITE was “Just a little bit of gold,” which explains my choice for the title for this site. Briefly, in 1959-60, RCA Victor issued three volumes of EPs titled A TOUCH OF GOLD. I had always liked that title and had subsequently used it as the title for my second Elvis Presley price guide for record and memorabilia collectors. And now it is recycled yet again . . . I launched this site with that one post, and a friend immediately emailed me to suggest that I do a price guide article on the three EPs.… Continue Reading the avid record collector’s price guide to A Touch Of Gold albums