elvis’ final four movies and their soundtracks

ELVIS PRESLEY’S LEGACY as both a recording artist and an actor seems to suggest that he had his head buried so far up his own behind during the ’60s that he didn’t notice that the times they were a-changing. But his final four movies and their soundtracks suggest otherwise.

Actually, he was far too astute not to have been aware—the lack of response by him aesthetically was probably more a combination of things, such as:

• fear
• lethargy
• inertia
• indifference

By indifference I mean that things were not as bad as they may have seemed at the time to we fans and historians reviewing those years retrospectively.CONTINUE READING

saying something stupid like “elvis was a dumb hick”

EXCEPT FOR A FEW IDJITS, there is near universal recognition and acceptance of the genius and wonder that was the Beatles from 1962 through 1970. Making a snide remark about the artistic and commercial achievements of John Paul George & Ringo, or saying something stupid about their place at the toppermost of the rock & roll totem pole, will guarantee that few will ever take your utterances seriously again!CONTINUE READING

on the edge of reality with the pseudo-pyschedelic elvis

IF I CAN DREAM, I’ll have this article finished before I find myself sitting on the edge of reality. You know—where life’s dream lies disillusioned and dark shadows follow me. (But that’s another story for another time.) Each year on this day I try to write something about my experience of being an Elvis fan since I was in grade-school way, way back in the ’50s.  CONTINUE READING