Goldmine’s Price Guide to Collectible Jazz Albums

Goldmine’s Price Guide to Collectible Jazz Albums

Krause Publication, 1991 (first edition)



MY THIRD BOOK FOR GOLDMINE was a new jazz guide. KP had already published one price guide for jazz records, but it had been the usual mishmash: a list of records with values assigned that made no sense. In fact, it was even more confusing than the previous jazz guide published by O’Sullivan Woodside in 1984.

Titled Mainstream Jazz Reference & Price Guide, it followed the time-honored pattern of OW books in assigning laughably high values in common records while pricing the rare records so low you’d never know they were rare and desirable!



My fifth title was published by Krause Books of Iola, Wisconsin, and is technically title the Goldmine’s Price Guide To Collectible Jazz Albums 1949-1969, but is usually shortened to as “the Umphred Goldmine Jazz Album Price Guide.” It covers those records covering many musical genres that were manufactured in the United States.

I will tell you more but right now this page is under construction.


Terry Leonard (Krause Publications, 1990).


Ferguson and Johnson (O’Sullivan Woodside, 1984).

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