where were you when I needed you?

HEY!You may ask yourself, “Where were you when I needed you?” The “you” being me, and just where the hell have I been these past few weeks? Well, due to tactical errors at my end, certain functions of my websites ceased functioning for that time! Said errors were caused by me somehow thinking that I could improve certain aspects of the functionality of said sites!

Although the lyrics barely make sense here, I chose one of my faveravest records of the ’60s as this post’s title and included three farout versions for your listening pleasure.

These errors apparently included the failure of the previous automatic notices sent to my subscribers alerting them to new articles posted here on Elvis – A Touch Of Gold. Said notices were not sent, and I failed to notice!

I have been so busy messing around with replacing the WordPress Jetpack suite of features with individual plugins—which took up waaay too much time in research and trial-and-erroring—that I haven’t posted a lot of new material lately.

I finally noticed the lack of these notifications being shipped, along with several other site-wide malfunctions. I had to restore Jetpack and now everything should be hunkydory.

In fact, I kept a few of the alternatives plugins and my sites should be even hunkydorier than they were before.

But I babble . . .

Subscribers are receiving this pointless piece of said babbling as their first notification in weeks that A Touch Of Gold is alive and well in the Lalaland of the Internet universe.

As an apology, here are three versions of the P.F. Sloan – Steve Barri song Where Were You When I Needed You . . .

Sloan and Barri wrote Where Were You When I Needed You for Herman’s Hermits in late 1965, which they recorded for the soundtrack album to their movie Hold On! Sloan and Barri assumed it would be the Hermits’ next hit single in early ’66, especially after the group’s success with their previous Sloan and Barri single, A Must To Avoid

But Herman’s Hermits chose not to release Where Were You When I Needed You as a single! So Sloan and Barri recorded the song with a bunch of El Lay studio musicians and released it as a single later in ’66 credited to the non-existent Grass Roots and had a justifiable hit!

What? You’re NOT a subscriber?!!?

So, if you are a subscriber to this site, you should continue receiving email notifications of new postings just as you had been before my messing around with Jetpack!

For those of you have read this far but aren’t a subscriber, what in tarnation are you waiting for?

Life’s short!

There is a subscription from in the top portion of the sidebar on the right side of this page.

Get thee hence . . .

Alas, Elvis never recorded a version of Where Were You When I Needed You, but the Bangles did! So to wrap things up, here are the never-bashful Bangles with their groovy version of Where Were You When I Needed You from their first long-player (1984).


FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is from the rehearsals that Elvis and his band held at the International Hotel in 1970 in preparation for the upcoming shows, which were being filmed for the documentary Elvis – That’s The Way It Is.

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