elvis on stage together with david bowie

MY TRIBUTE TO DAVID BOWIE was an account of how and when I was transformed from a Bowie-hater to a Bowie-lover in 1975. I titled it “Just How Did David Bowie Affect Your Consciousness” and posted it on my Rather Rare Records site last week. It had taken a few days to write it, as I was unprepared for Bowie’s passing.

While searching for images of Bowie for the article’s featured image, I came across this clever photo. It’s been manipulated to give us an image of Bowie-as-Elvis on stage together in the ’70s. And so I have an excuse to place this link to the Bowie tribute here on Elvis – A Touch Of Gold!


FEATURED IMAGE: I found this bit of creativity on the David Bowie as Everyone website, where there are many more such playful images, although few are as good as this one. And yes, the head is a wee big for the body, but it’s the thought that counts . . .

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