Elvis 1956 Victrola 45 player echoes open 900x800 copy 2

the highly collectible elvis presley phonographs of 1956

THE EXPLOITATION OF ELVIS PRESLEY began in 1956. Elvis Presley En­ter­prises was es­tab­lished to au­tho­rize the man­u­fac­turing of nov­elty items about “the most talked about new per­son­ality in the last ten years of recorded music” to be sold to fans. RCA Victor also cap­i­tal­ized on their singer’s pop­u­larity by man­u­fac­turing a pair of Elvis Presley phono­graphs. [Continue reading]

Elvis Speedway movie scene singing 1500 crop

why did Elvis make such a terrible movie as “speedway”?

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER QUESTION ON QUORA about Elvis that needed an­swering. The ques­tion was, “I watched Speedway today. Why did Elvis make such a ter­rible movie?” More than forty years after his death, that re­mains a dif­fi­cult ques­tion to an­swer. Most people—even fans that should know better—blame the Colonel. [Continue reading]

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the audacity of elvis presley claiming songwriting credit!

DID ELVIS WRITE ANY OF HIS SONGS? Well, yes, he did have a hand in com­posing a few of his lesser-known songs in the ’60s, but that’s not what this ar­ticle is about. It’s his name on such hits as Don’t Be Cruel, Love Me Tender, and All Shook Up that we will ad­dress here. [Continue reading]

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an unrevealing review of baz luhrman’s ambitious new biopic of elvis

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for trouble, don’t look in my face or keep reading. This is a rel­a­tively brief and rather un­re­vealing re­view of a rel­a­tively long and com­plex movie that tells you little about the events or ef­fects in the movie—hence, no spoilers. [Continue reading]

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why in heaven’s name is quincy jones calling elvis a racist?

IT’S “QUORA QUESTION TIME” AGAIN! Once more, there’s a ques­tion on Quora con­cerning Elvis that I an­swered. Here is the ques­tion: “Why is Quincy Jones sud­denly falsely claiming that Elvis, whom he never met, would have been racist?” Why people are end­lessly ru­mi­nating about Presley’s end­lessly de­bunked “racism” is an end­lessly mind-numbing ques­tion to me. [Continue reading]