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elvis found alive (a movie review)

ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is, despite its pretense and tackiness, basically a biography of the man. It compiles facts and quotes from various sources and links them together, more or less chronologically, offering no new factual data and no interesting opinions or insights. You pretty much know it’s a “mocumentary” of some sort from the get-go. [Read more] “elvis found alive (a movie review)”

elvis’ number ones and golden hits

SELLING ELVIS PRESLEY was never that difficult. Even during his low periods, each new record generally sold hundreds of thousands of units (although few were number ones) while his back catalog sold millions. Because of that, RCA took Presley for granted and failed to issue quality compilations and properly promote the ones they did release. [Read more] “elvis’ number ones and golden hits”

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“elvis movies” is a work-in-progress

MY APOLOGIES IF YOU ARE HERE looking for something to read about Elvis’ movies. I started writing some notes for a series of mini-reviews of each of Presley’s movies—trying for some “objectivity” about the movie and its soundtrack music in each review—and accidentally pressed the Publish button instead of the Save Draft button. [Read more] ““elvis movies” is a work-in-progress”

Elvis SPD

is the “country & western jukebox promotion kit” for spd-15 more fake news?

RCA VICTOR SPD-15, a collection of ten untitled records, were known only by their group catalog number for decades. The ten 45 rpm extended-play (EP) records contain forty tracks by ten country artists, including four by Elvis Presley. The records were made for jukeboxes and are now incorrectly referred to as the “Jukebox Promotion Kit.” [Read more] “is the “country & western jukebox promotion kit” for spd-15 more fake news?”

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was SPD-15 the first EP album to feature an elvis track?

ELVIS PRESLEY ON EXTENDED PLAY! Was the all-Elvis record in the untitled SPD-15 collection the first appearance of an Elvis track on an extended-play record? RCA Victor SPD-15 is a set of ten EPs by ten of the company’s country & western artists. Intended for jukeboxes, it remains a mysterious record even sixty years later. [Read more] “was SPD-15 the first EP album to feature an elvis track?”

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