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MY BABYBOOK states that my fa­vorite song in 1956 was “Sh-Boom.” As I turned 5-years-old that year, that makes sense. But I don’t re­member it that way: My aging gray matter tells me that “Hound Dog” has been my fa­vorite record as long as it has trans­lating my ex­pe­ri­ences into mem­o­ries and storing them within its folds. [Continue reading]

british pressings of elvis presley’s “my boy” are common in the u.k.

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EXPORT-ONLY RECORDS ARE NOT COMMON in the record busi­ness. But in 1974, RCA in the US had to man­u­fac­ture records by sev­eral artists to be ex­ported to Eng­land for sale in the UK. Why this oc­curred while there were British press­ings of the same records being man­u­fac­tured at the same time re­mains a topic of dis­cus­sion among record collectors. [Continue reading]

a double tap of elvis’ pink cadillac in zombieland

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ELVIS AS A MYTHIC FIGURE has played a part in many Hol­ly­wood movies since his death in 1977. Most of these movies treat the man and the myth with re­spect, humor, and even irony. I am not re­fer­ring to movies where a Presley track is used as part of the back­ground music but where the “essence” of the Elvis myth/legend is in­te­gral to the plot. [Continue reading]

valuable insert associated with elvis presley’s “my boy” may be bootleg!

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RCA 2458EX IS AN ODD RECORD, one of the oddest in the vast cat­alog of Elvis records. It was man­u­fac­tured in the US ex­pressly to be ex­ported to the UK and sold there in 1974. In­stead of the usual cream­sicle or­ange label that was the stan­dard for RCA records at the time, this weird record had la­bels that were as grey as the In­cred­ible Hulk was in 1962! [Continue reading]