Elvis EPA

a familiar elvis album with a new unfamiliar cover (rewritten)

THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME: While I have cor­rected er­rors in other ar­ti­cles posted on one of my blogs and even re­sus­ci­tated a few old posts I had pre­vi­ously “killed,” I have not re­vised an ar­ticle so dras­ti­cally that I have ef­fec­tively rewritten it. But this second look at RCAV­ictor EPA-830 with the weird cover is warranted. [Read more] “a familiar elvis album with a new unfamiliar cover (rewritten)”

Elvis AlohaFromHawaii LP misprint jacket 600

aloha from hawaii via misprinted cover art

I DON’T HAVE MUCH OF AN AR­TICLE to go with the awk­wardly ti­tled “Aloha From Hawaii Via Mis­printed Cover Art.” For now, I wanted to make this image avail­able to fans and col­lec­tors so they can see a real rarity among Elvis records: a mis­printed LP album jacket without any text on the front cover! [Read more] “aloha from hawaii via misprinted cover art”

Elvis EPA

this german EP album is one of the rarest elvis records in the world!

WHILE ELVIS WAS IN THE ARMY during 1958-1960, RCA Victor did a rea­son­ably good job of keeping Pres­ley’s ca­reer alive and well. They re­leased five new sin­gles and sev­eral EP and LP al­bums. While all of these records sold well and are fa­miliar, a few rar­i­ties from this time exist—especially a cer­tain German EP album. [Read more] “this german EP album is one of the rarest elvis records in the world!”

Elvis EPA

elvis talks to his many fans (epa-4325, elvis sails)

ELVIS EN­TERED THE ARMY as a buck pri­vate on March 24, 1958, at the draft board in Mem­phis, Ten­nessee. Pri­vate Presley took a bus to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, tem­porarily halting his ca­reer as a recording artist and movie actor for the next two years. And what was RCA Victor to do during that time? [Read more] “elvis talks to his many fans (epa-4325, elvis sails)”

Elvis 02 03 1976 last posed

the last photos elvis sat for were in 1976

THE LAST PHOTOS ELVIS SAT FOR were in early 1976. He stopped doing “for­mally” posed pub­licity shots in 1969! He posed for ca­sual photos at the press con­fer­ence ac­com­pa­nying his opening in Las Vegas in ’69 and again for the press con­fer­ence for his debut at Madison Square Garden in 1972. [Read more] “the last photos elvis sat for were in 1976”

Elvis Sun209 ThatsAllRight 78 600 trim

collecting elvis 78 rpm singles from the ’50s

COL­LECTING ELVIS 78 RPM SIN­GLES from the ’50s is a daunting task. Even though only twenty-nine 78 rpm sin­gles were re­leased in the US, each is a rather rare record. Aside from their rel­a­tive rarity, 78s are fragile and dif­fi­cult to find in near-mint con­di­tion. Plus, for com­pletist col­lec­tors, there are mul­tiple press­ings of each number! [Read more] “collecting elvis 78 rpm singles from the ’50s”

Elvis 20 7410 OneNight without78R.P.M. full 600

is the last american elvis 78 preposterously undervalued by collectors?

WHAT’S THE RAREST ELVIS RECORD of the ’50s that was re­leased com­mer­cially in the US? I don’t mean a mis­take of some kind (such as a mis­pressing or a record with­drawn from cir­cu­la­tion). RCA Victor 20-7410, I Got Stung / One Night, was the last Amer­ican Elvis 78 rpm record and just may be that record! [Read more] “is the last american elvis 78 preposterously undervalued by collectors?”

ElvisFoundAlive 900

elvis found alive (a movie review)

ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is, de­spite its pre­tense and tack­i­ness, ba­si­cally a bi­og­raphy of the man. It com­piles facts and quotes from var­ious sources and links them to­gether, more or less chrono­log­i­cally, of­fering no new fac­tual data and no in­ter­esting opin­ions or in­sights. You pretty much know it’s a “moc­u­men­tary” of some sort from the get-go. [Read more] “elvis found alive (a movie review)”

elvis’ number ones and golden hits

SELLING ELVIS PRESLEY was never that dif­fi­cult. Even during his low pe­riods, each new record gen­er­ally sold hun­dreds of thou­sands of units (al­though few were number ones) while his back cat­alog sold mil­lions. Be­cause of that, RCA took Presley for granted and failed to issue quality com­pi­la­tions and prop­erly pro­mote the ones they did release. [Read more] “elvis’ number ones and golden hits”