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the audacity of elvis presley claiming songwriting credit!

DID ELVIS WRITE ANY OF HIS SONGS? Well, yes, he did have a hand in com­posing a few of his lesser-known songs in the ’60s, but that’s not what this ar­ticle is about. It’s his name on such hits as Don’t Be Cruel, Love Me Tender, and All Shook Up that we will ad­dress here. [Continue reading]

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is elvis’ “my happiness” single among the rarest and most valuable albums?

THIS ARTICLE IS AN ABBREVIATED VERSION of a longer piece that I pub­lished on the Six­ties Music Se­crets web­site. That ar­ticle is ti­tled “Are These Five LPs Among the Rarest and Most Valu­able Records in the World?” It is the fourth in­stall­ment of my Avid Record Col­lector column on that site, where I nor­mally re­view al­bums from the ’60s. [Continue reading]

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when the world’s most valuable record was an elvis disc

FOLLOWING HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION in June 1953, Elvis Presley set his sights on be­coming a recording artist. On July 18, he vis­ited the Sun Records studio on Union Av­enue in Mem­phis. There he paid $4 for the priv­i­lege of recording two songs onto one disc. Sixty years later, that disc be­came the most valu­able record in the world. [Continue reading]

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another reason not to trust wikipedia’s “facts” about elvis

WIKIPEDIA’S ENTRIES ON ELVIS and other music-related mat­ters are not the most trust­worthy sources for ac­cu­rate in­for­ma­tion. In fact, vis­iting the site to look up any­thing about Presley can be a bit of an ad­ven­ture. While ad­ven­tures can be fun and even re­warding, some writers might not enjoy being made fools of when they dis­cover that the Wiki-derived in­for­ma­tion on their blog is out­ra­geously incorrect! [Continue reading]