I am writing a new column about records for another blog!

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MY NEWEST EN­DEAVOR is writing a column for an­other blog! The blog is Six­ties Music Se­crets, an in­for­ma­tive audio/visual blog with insight-filled con­ver­sa­tions be­tween knowl­edge­able, cu­rious, and nos­talgic readers re­garding all things mu­sical from the 1960s. The column is “The Avid Record Collector.”

In this column, I will look at records that were mass-produced in the 1960s and sub­se­quently deleted from record com­pany cat­a­logs. There won’t be much about Elvis in this column. While sev­eral poor-selling sound­tracks were deleted in the ’60s, few of them showed up as cut-outs.

Want to read a monthly column about LPs that could be found in the cut-out bins of US stores in the 1960s and ’70s?

That said, I will di­vulge a se­cret here: One of the first al­bums that I re­view will be an im­ported copy of an Elvis album that I found in the 3‑for-$1 sec­tion at my local Wool­worths in 1967.


Elvis Spinout CaliforniaHoliday m 800
As the slang term “spinout” car­ried little meaning out­side the US, many coun­tries changed the title of the movie to Cal­i­fornia Hol­iday. This is the UK stereo pressing of the album (RCA Victor SF-7820).

Another blog’s got me!

The first few columns will con­tain basic in­for­ma­tion for un­der­standing the column, looking at how the cut-out craze took form in the late ’60s. Un­like my pub­li­ca­tions on Medium which re­cycle ar­ti­cles pub­lished on my blogs, the columns in The Avid Record Col­lector will be all-new ma­te­rial and will not ap­pear on my blogs until the dis­tant future!

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The first in­stall­ment (“An Avid Record Collector’s In­tro­duc­tion”) has been pub­lished! To read it, click here.


Another Blog: 1965 Cobra 427 driven by Elvis in the 1966 movie SPINOUT.

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is of the 1965 Cobra 427 that was used in the 1966 movie Spinout. This car was on dis­play in the Hol­ly­wood Mem­o­ra­bilia Ex­hibit at the Hol­ly­wood Casino in Tu­nica, Mis­sis­sippi, in 2011.


Elvis 1957 goldsuit standup 1000

POST­SCRIP­TU­ALLY, after the single Spinout started get­ting air­play in 1966, my nick­name among a cer­tain group was “Spinout Umphred,” as I was the only openly “out” Elvis fan in ninth grade in Kingston High School in Penn­syl­vania. Those were the days, heyna?

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