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is the “country & western jukebox promotion kit” for spd-15 more fake news?

RCA VICTOR SPD-15, a col­lec­tion of ten un­ti­tled records, were known only by their group cat­alog number for decades. The ten 45 rpm extended-play (EP) records con­tain forty tracks by ten country artists, in­cluding four by Elvis Presley. The records were made for juke­boxes and are now in­cor­rectly re­ferred to as the “Jukebox Pro­mo­tion Kit.” [Read more] “is the “country & western jukebox promotion kit” for spd-15 more fake news?”

Elvis 1956 fans close up 1500 crop

the “record bulletin” picture sleeve for rca’s first elvis record is fake

A REL­A­TIVELY RE­CENT AD­DI­TION to the world of Elvis col­lectibles is the “Record Bul­letin” pic­ture sleeve, re­put­edly made for 47–6357 from 1955. It doesn’t look like any­thing as­so­ci­ated with Elvis or RCA Victor and comes with an origin story as odd as its ap­pear­ance. [Read more] “the “record bulletin” picture sleeve for rca’s first elvis record is fake”

Elvis photo publicity 1955 600 trim

rca victor 47–6357 bootleg picture sleeves

THERE ARE FOUR PIC­TURE SLEEVES as­so­ci­ated with RCA’s first Elvis record, “I Forgot To Re­member To Forget” / “Mys­tery Train.” One is a le­git­i­mate item while an­other is of ques­tion­able au­then­ticity; they are cov­ered sep­a­rately in their own ar­ti­cles. There are also a pair of RCA Victor 47–6357 bootleg pic­ture sleeves ad­dressed in this article. [Read more] “rca victor 47–6357 bootleg picture sleeves”

elvis and the illuminating turntable

AN ELVIS REISSUE may be one of the rarest and most valu­able Elvis records of the past fifty years. Or, it may be an­other fake col­lectible de­serving no better status than that of a cleverly-made-yet-unnecessary bootleg. And it’s tied in with a fooked-up but very in­ter­esting pic­ture cover and—get this—an il­lu­mi­nating turntable! [Read more] “elvis and the illuminating turntable”

Elvis BurningLove 0769 1500 crop

the most valuable elvis 45 of the ’70s has been bootlegged!

SOME COPIES OF “BURNING LOVE” may be the most valu­able commercially-issued Elvis single of the ’70s! De­spite its last sale on eBay for al­most a thou­sand dol­lars, many col­lec­tors are un­aware of this record’s value or its origin. This ar­ticle ad­dresses those facts and warns readers that this rarity has been boot­legged and these coun­ter­feit copies are being sold to un­sus­pecting fans! [Read more] “the most valuable elvis 45 of the ’70s has been bootlegged!”

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valuable insert associated with elvis presley’s “my boy” may be bootleg!

RCA 2458EX IS AN ODD RECORD, one of the oddest in the vast cat­alog of Elvis records. It was man­u­fac­tured in the US ex­pressly to be ex­ported to the UK and sold there in 1974. In­stead of the usual cream­sicle or­ange label that was the stan­dard for RCA records at the time, this weird record had la­bels that were as gray as the In­cred­ible Hulk was in 1962! [Read more] “valuable insert associated with elvis presley’s “my boy” may be bootleg!”

EltonJohn record collection 1500

elton john used to collect elvis bootleg albums

TO RAISE FUNDS FOR HIS AIDS CHARITY, Elton John sold his record col­lec­tion through a Sothe­by’s auc­tion in 1993. The col­lec­tion con­tained more than 70,000 items, in­cluding sin­gles, al­bums, 8‑track tapes, cas­settes, and com­pact discs. Pro­ceeds from the sale went to the Elton John AIDS Foun­da­tion, which re­mains an on­going con­cern that has raised more than $400,000,000 over the past quarter-century. [Read more] “elton john used to collect elvis bootleg albums”

Elvis SunEra 800X600

all the elvis sun EPs are bootleg EPs

THAT’S COR­RECT, all of the Elvis Sun EPs are bootleg EPs. For­tu­nately, most col­lec­tors seem to know that they are not le­git­i­mate, and few sellers ad­ver­tise them as any­thing other than boots. But they are nice looking records and most se­rious Elvis col­lec­tors own them, so if you have been looking into them and wanting some in­for­ma­tion, look no further! [Read more] “all the elvis sun EPs are bootleg EPs”

Elvis Memphis1956 cropped

elvis presley bootleg picture sleeves 1954–1956

EVERY RECORD COL­LECTOR should be fa­miliar with some if not all of the many col­orful pic­ture sleeves that ac­com­pa­nied Elvis Presley records in the 1950s, many col­lec­tors may not be aware that not all Presley Product was is­sued with such a sleeve. All of them are col­lec­table and I would argue that al­most all of them are truly under-valued in truly near mint con­di­tion (NM), even harder than THAT to find in mint con­di­tion (M)! [Read more] “elvis presley bootleg picture sleeves 1954–1956”