Categorizing This Site

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Cat­e­go­rizing Elvis


WORDS OF WISDOM from vir­tu­ally every web­site and blog­ging guru in the whole web­wide world is to keep the number of cat­e­gories to a min­imum. Under ten is usu­ally ad­vised, but I was at eleven and hadn’t even gotten around to Elvis’s al­bums on reel-to-reel, 8-track, and cas­sette pre­re­corded tape! And I should have one for for­eign releases.

Re­al­izing that I had re­al­ized a few things about using cat­e­gories and tags, I pared the latter down to eight. They can be found in the sub-menu to CATEGORIES on the homepage):

•  Elvis in the ’50s
•  Elvis in the ’60s
•  Elvis in the ’70s
•  Elvis on Record
•  Car­i­ca­tures & fan art

•  In the Ghetto
•  Mem­o­ra­bilia
•  Movies & television

I could break up the cur­rent Mem­o­ra­bilia cat­e­gory into so many sub-categories I would need a new site just to hold them. The ones that come to mind—the cat­e­gories that have re­ceived the most at­ten­tion from fans and collectors—include:

•  Grace­land
  Elvis Presley Enterprises
•  RCA Victor
•  Movies
•  Las Vegas
•  Tahoe

This does not in­clude any­thing pre-RCA Victor, in­cluding any­thing to do with Sun Record; live per­for­mances from the ’50s and the Hawaii ben­efit of 1961; tele­vi­sion ap­pear­ances; fan mag­a­zines; the many, many tours of the ’70s; and the un­count­able and often in­ex­plic­able array of goodies that catered to the Elvis­mania in the ten years or so after his death.

In­stead, all of these sub-categories will be tabs.