elvis’ first number one hit record in england

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BACK IN JANUARY, I was asked to an­swer a ques­tion on Quora: What was the first British #1 hit for Elvis Presley? My an­swer was short al­though not nec­es­sarily simple: I noted that some UK charts listed Heart­break Hotel as reaching #1 while others only placed it at #2. The first single to reach #1 on all the major charts was All Shook Up. READ MORE

another reason not to trust wikipedia’s “facts” about elvis

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WIKIPEDIA’S ENTRIES ON ELVIS and other music-related mat­ters are not the most trust­worthy sources for ac­cu­rate in­for­ma­tion. In fact, vis­iting the site to look up any­thing about Presley can be a bit of an ad­ven­ture. While ad­ven­tures can be fun and even re­warding, some writers might not enjoy being made fools of when they dis­cover that the Wiki-derived in­for­ma­tion on their blog is out­ra­geously in­cor­rect! READ MORE

RCA introduced the EP album during the “battle of the speeds”

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RCA’S FIRST “EP” WASN’T WHAT YOU THINK! Three years be­fore they signed Elvis Presley, RCA Victor in­tro­duced record-buyers to the 45 rpm, extended-play EP record. This new format was an ex­ten­sion of their 45 rpm single that had been launched in 1949. That format had been de­vised to sally forth into the mar­ket­place and do battle with Columbia’s 33rpm long-playing LP album. READ MORE

the real answer to “what was elvis presley’s first album?”

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TODAY’S QUORA QUESTION is “What was Elvis Pres­ley’s first album?” Everyone who knows much of any­thing about Elvis thinks they know the an­swer: LPM-1254 with Red Robert­son’s iconic pho­to­graph of Elvis in 1955. But that’s not the ac­tual an­swer, as anyone who knows more than much-of-anything-about-Elvis re­al­izes. Con­fu­sion ex­ists be­cause the term “album” has taken on non-format-related mean­ings in the in­ter­vening decades. READ MORE

so just what was elvis’ biggest hit of all time?

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WHAT WAS ELVIS PRESLEY’S BIGGEST HIT? The term “hit” al­most al­ways refers to one side of a single, whether it is an an­ti­quated 45 rpm single (1949-1989) or a pre­his­toric 78 rpm single (1898-1958). The term is rel­a­tive: A record that made it to #88 and stayed on the na­tional Top 100 for three weeks in 1966 would be a big hit for a rock & roll band on a local record com­pany that only re­ceived air­play and dis­tri­b­u­tion in north­eastern Penn­syl­vania. READ MORE

did elvis steal his style of singing from other artists?

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PEOPLE ON QUORA asking me ques­tions about rock & roll music seems to come in waves. I have an­swered sev­eral in the past few days after going more than a week without—although there were a few that I couldn’t an­swer be­cause they con­cerned newer artists with whom I’m un­fa­miliar (newer meaning artists who recorded after 1980).

This ques­tion is now about sixty-four years old and Lawdy, Lawdy but only Miss Clawdy knows how many times it’s been asked: “Did Elvis Presley steal his style? READ MORE

what was elvis like in person? (like the rest of us, only a few know)

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TWO QUORA QUESTIONS an­swered in one day, both about Elvis. (Check out the pre­vious post on this site’s front page for the first ques­tion and my an­swer.) The ques­tion this time was,“What was Elvis Presley like in person?” This is a dif­fi­cult ques­tion to an­swer for those of us who did not know the man per­son­ally during his life. READ MORE

rca victor ads for elvis presley records in 1956

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ELVIS PRESLEY OWNED 1956! That year he as­cended the heavens of pop­u­larity to be­come the most talked-about new per­son­ality in the last ten years of recorded music! By the end of the year, he had six #1 records on var­ious charts, sold more than 12,000,000 sin­gles, and was uni­ver­sally known, both de­ri­sively and af­fec­tion­ately, as “Elvis the Pelvis.” READ MORE

the world’s most famous and iconic rock & roll photograph

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THE MOST ICONIC IMAGE in rock & roll his­tory was taken at the dawn of the gen­re’s rise to pop­u­larity. It is of a young Elvis Presley be­fore most of the world had even heard his name, let alone his music. He is on stage, legs spread, his body pulled back from his new Martin D-28 guitar. Eyes tightly closed as he sings—he looks trans­formed like the music has taken him away. READ MORE

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