about those electronically reprocessed stereo albums

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ELECTRONICALLY REPROCESSED STEREO. What is it and why do so many Elvis fans hate it? And what is “rechan­neled stereo” and Duo­phonic stereo and why does everyone hate them, too? Be­fore ad­dressing these ques­tions, I want to men­tion a few things about stereo records. Most people—including music his­to­rians and record collectors—take stereo for granted, but it has a lengthy and in­ter­esting past. READ MORE

can fifty million elvis fans be wrong? (yet more gold records vol. 2)

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IN TWO RECENT ESSAYS here on A Touch Of Gold, I ad­dressed is­sues re­garding Elvis Pres­ley’s 1959 album ELVIS’ GOLD RECORDS VOL. 2 (RCA Victor LPM-2075). Specif­i­cally, I ex­am­ined how the record was ti­tled in its Wikipedia entry, where it is re­ferred to as by the phrase “50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong,” as if that was the record’s title. READ MORE

all the elvis sun EPs are bootleg EPs

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THAT’S CORRECT, all of the Elvis Sun EPs are bootleg EPs. For­tu­nately, most col­lec­tors seem to know that they are not le­git­i­mate, and few sellers ad­ver­tise them as any­thing other than boots. But they are nice looking records and most se­rious Elvis col­lec­tors own them, so if you have been looking into them and wanting some in­for­ma­tion, look no fur­ther! READ MORE

elvis presley bootleg picture sleeves 1954-1956

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EVERY RECORD COLLECTOR should be fa­miliar with some if not all of the many col­orful pic­ture sleeves that ac­com­pa­nied Elvis Presley records in the 1950s, many col­lec­tors may not be aware that not all Presley Product was is­sued with such a sleeve. All of them are col­lec­table and I would argue that al­most all of them are truly under-valued in truly near mint con­di­tion (NM), even harder than THAT to find in mint con­di­tion (M)! READ MORE

hound dogs and baby books

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ACCORDING TO MY BABY BOOK—and I don’t know if that is a Catholic tra­di­tion or what but I don’t meet a lot of people who know what they are—when I was 5-years old, my fa­vorite song was Sh-Boom. (“Life could be a dream sh-boom sh-boom.”) That would have been the Crew Cuts’ ver­sion, of course. READ MORE