elvis understood that the beatles were the new idols in 1965

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THIS TIME THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “Did Elvis feel threat­ened when the Bea­tles met him?” I guess that’s a rea­son­able ques­tion, es­pe­cially from a younger person who didn’t live through the times when a pop artists’ ca­reer was mea­sured in months, not years. But I took on the Her­culean labor of pro­viding a rea­son­able an­swer.

The Bea­tles’ man­ager Brian Ep­stein arranged with Pres­ley’s man­ager Colonel Parker for the group to be brought over to the house on Pe­rugia Way in Hol­ly­wood where Elvis’ stayed when he was making a movie. READ MORE

just how bloody famous is elvis presley?

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THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “How fa­mous was Elvis?” How does one ad­dress that ques­tion? As­sume the person who posed it is very young and only knows Elvis by name and doesn’t want to do any re­search, or as­sume the ques­tioner is having a lark to see what kind of re­sponse he could elicit?

Of course, I had to try my hand at sup­plying an an­swer, which you will find in­dented be­tween the im­ages below:


This is the pic­ture sleeve for Do The Clam / You’ll Be Gone that RCA Victor re­leased in Italy in 1965. READ MORE

I don’t get what so many people see in elvis presley!

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IT’S QUORA QUESTION TIME and the ques­tion was “Was Elvis Presley as tal­ented as people por­tray him to be?” I’m afraid that I have little or no truck with—and isn’t that a won­derful idiom, “have no truck with?” (look it up here)—ques­tions of this na­ture, but I took what I hope is the po­lite and hu­morous ap­proach in an­swering it. READ MORE

people say some strange and stupid stuff about elvis presley

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THIS TIME THE QUESTION posed to me on Quora was some­what neb­u­lous and seem­ingly point­less: “What is some­thing that needs to be said about Elvis Presley?” Neb­u­lous in that al­most any­thing can be said, and point­less be­cause what hasn’t been said about the man? Of course, I had an an­swer, though prob­ably not the kind that most fans want to read as it’s as neb­u­lous as the ques­tion. READ MORE

elvis’ final four movies and their soundtracks

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ELVIS PRESLEY’S LEGACY as both a recording artist and an actor seems to sug­gest that he had his head buried so far up his own be­hind during the ’60s that he didn’t no­tice that the times they were a-changing. But his final four movies and their sound­tracks sug­gest oth­er­wise.

Ac­tu­ally, he was far too as­tute not to have been aware—the lack of re­sponse by him aes­thet­i­cally was prob­ably more a com­bi­na­tion of things, such as:

• fear
• lethargy
• in­ertia
• in­dif­fer­ence

By in­dif­fer­ence I mean that things were not as bad as they may have seemed at the time to we fans and his­to­rians re­viewing those years ret­ro­spec­tively. READ MORE

at the crossroads: on being an elvis fan in 1968 when all appeared lost

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AS A SYMBOL OF POTENCY, by 1968 Elvis Presley was per­ceived by many as being, um, flaccid. His records had lost any sem­blance of al­le­giance to—or even recog­ni­tion of—the pas­sion and fervor of its country and blues roots. The sound­track music he had been recording for the req­ui­site three movies per year owed more to “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” than to Big Boy Crudup or Hank Williams. READ MORE

facts and fallacies about elvis’ gold records volume 4

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IN FEBRUARY 1968, RCA Victor is­sued ELVIS’ GOLD RECORDS VOLUME 4, the first com­pi­la­tion of million-sellers by Elvis in five years. Or, at least they were sup­posed to be million-sellers, but only half the album con­sisted of gen­uine gold record hits. The whys and where­fores for this are filled with fal­lacies and mis­con­cep­tions that began with the al­bum’s re­lease.  READ MORE

Blue Hawaii is one of the best Elvis albums ever!

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REGARDING PRIME-TIME TELEVISION as the American-entertainment-medium-of-choice: Berni and I are in­vet­erate non-viewers. I swore off the glass teat back in 1969 when ‘they’ took the best-ever show in all of his­tory off the air. Ex­cept for the de­lightful Nick­leodeon car­toons of the ’90s that I watched with my daughter—‘Aaahh! Real Mon­sters,’ ‘Doug,’ ‘Hey Arnold,’ and ‘Rugrats’—I have not ‘watched tv’ in al­most fifty years! READ MORE

In The Ghetto discography & price guide

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THIS DISCOGRAPHY and price guide to In The Ghetto is a listing of var­ious press­ings of the record and its ac­com­pa­nying pic­ture sleeve from around the world. It is a follow-up to “The im­por­tance of In The Ghetto” and “On the im­por­tance of In The Ghetto part 2.″ This piece is sec­ondary to those two: it is a gallery of im­ages of re­leases of the record the pic­ture sleeve for In The Ghetto from around the world. READ MORE

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