people say some strange and stupid stuff about elvis presley

Elvis 1962 photo color 1900

THIS TIME THE QUESTION posed to me on Quora was some­what neb­u­lous and seem­ingly point­less: “What is some­thing that needs to be said about Elvis Presley?” Neb­u­lous in that al­most any­thing can be said, and point­less be­cause what hasn’t been said about the man? [Continue reading]

Blue Hawaii is one of the best Elvis albums ever!

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REGARDING PRIME-TIME TELEVISION as the American-entertainment-medium-of-choice: Berni and I are in­vet­erate non-viewers. I swore off the glass teat back in 1969 when ‘they’ took the best-ever show in all of his­tory off the air. Ex­cept for the de­lightful Nick­leodeon car­toons of the ’90s that I watched with my daughter—‘Aaahh! [Continue reading]