freddie does elvis proud on “crazy little thing called love”

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MY APOLOGIES, I AM LATE (STILL) with the promised set of ar­ti­cles on the Gold Stan­dard Se­ries of Elvis records. And a second, more con­tro­ver­sial ar­ticle of­fers a re­vealing look at a highly sought-after col­lec­table with a du­bious pedi­gree. I am still working on tech­nical as­pects of my blogs and still have ob­sta­cles in the path of having them up-to-date and run­ning quickly and smoothly. READ MORE

were elvis’ double-sided hits of the ’70s two hits or one?

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FROM ELVIS PRESLEY’S FIRST RECORD in 1954 through 1968, the major na­tional pop charts were tal­lied in such a way that both sides of a single could make the chart as in­di­vidual hits in­de­pen­dent of one an­other. This greatly ben­e­fited Elvis, as his sin­gles usu­ally car­ried two strong sides, each ca­pable of being an A-side. READ MORE

disappointment was my closest friend

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FORTY-TWO YEARS AGO, I was sit­ting in Vispi’s Lounge in Ed­wardsville, Penn­syl­vania. I was sip­ping a Johnny Walker Black neat waiting for my girl­friend to get off of work. It was slow and quiet, with only a few others in the bar—mostly guys having a couple of drinks be­fore heading home. READ MORE

“sixties elvis” versus “seventies elvis”

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THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “Which was better, 60s Elvis or 70s Elvis?” I was sur­prised to see that the first two an­swers were “70’s” as I can’t imagine any se­rious stu­dent of Pres­ley’s recorded output would prefer his de­clining years over his ma­ture middle years. Oh well, that’s why Wholly Grom­mett gave us free will and in­di­vidual taste.


if you don’t get elvis by now, you probably never will

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ANOTHER DAY, an­other ques­tion about Elvis on Quora needing a sane an­swer. And there are a lot of ques­tions about Elvis. This one was “What was it about Elvis that cap­ti­vated his mil­lions of fans?” First please no­tice that the person who asked the ques­tion placed it in the past tense, which I ad­dressed. READ MORE

was elvis’ popularity rising or waning at the time of his death?

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THIS TIME, the ques­tion on Quora al­lowed me room to spec­u­late some­thing that, un­like so so many others, I just do not like doing. For one reason, just like so so many others, my spec­u­la­tion is so often in­ac­cu­rate. De­spite my love of sci­ence fic­tion literature—esoecaiily time travel stories—thinking about what might have been, or making pre­dic­tions based on what cur­rently is, usu­ally holds no at­trac­tion for me. READ MORE

what made elvis great and was he the best rock & roll singer ever?

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EARLIER TODAY I fielded an­other ques­tion on the Quora plat­form: “What made Elvis Presley great and was he the best rock and roll singer ever?” Rather than tax my mind trying to come up with some­thing clever, in­stead I re­called to the best of my ability—keeping in mind that I may be suf­fering with in­cip­ient Denny Crane Syndrome—a re­view that was forty-six years old. READ MORE

moody blue – facts and fallacies about elvis’ final album as a collector’s item

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AUGUST 16, 1977, was the day the Earth stood still: Elvis died. Very few fans were aware of his de­te­ri­o­rating health and we were un­pre­pared for our own re­sponse to his death. Fans were aware of Elvis in gen­eral: his latest album, MOODY BLUE, had been re­leased four weeks ear­lier and was selling better than usual. READ MORE