“elvis is king” is an illustrated children’s book that fans must see!

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THIS IS AN UNUSUAL MOVE FOR ME in that I am pushing a product here on my Elvis – A Touch Of Gold blog. I didn’t go looking for a product to push; in fact, quite the op­po­site oc­curred. I was looking for im­ages for the se­ries of ar­ti­cles I am writing about the line of Elvis records on the Gold Stan­dard Se­ries. READ MORE

would elvis wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic?

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WOULD ELVIS WEAR A MASK DURING THIS PANDEMIC? I found an ar­resting photo of a young Elvis wearing a bandana-like mask with what ap­peared to be modern demon­stra­tors in the back­ground. I found the image on Elvis Rare Records, where the site’s owner, Dave Reynolds, had sent me re­garding an­other issue. READ MORE

elvis’ golden caricatures volume 9 (aloha from the ’70s)

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THIS COLLECTION OF IMAGES of Elvis in the ’70s makes up “Elvis’ Golden Car­i­ca­tures Volume 9.” It is a col­lec­tion of art­work looking at the final years of Presley through the eyes of (mostly rel­a­tively) young car­i­ca­tur­ists from around the world. This is also the final volume of car­i­ca­tures that I have sched­uled at this time. READ MORE

elvis’ golden caricatures volume 8 (love letters from the 70s)

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THE ELVIS OF THE ’70s in his fan­tas­tical jump­suits and ex­panding waist­line has found at­ten­tion from artists who seem de­ter­mined to give an ugly ren­di­tion of the man. Partly due to the many car­i­ca­tures of Elvis as grossly obese and sloppy-looking, many non-fans have it in their heads that he was gross and sloppy during his life. READ MORE

the (unfortunately) enduring image of “fat elvis”

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SAY “ELVIS IN THE ’70s” and a lot of people im­me­di­ately think “Fat Elvis.” This is partly due to car­i­ca­tures of Elvis as grossly obese, leading many non-fans to be­lieve that he was sloppy-looking during his life. This was not true: while his face puffed out and his waist­line ex­panded, Elvis never had the sloppy look one as­so­ciates with ex­cess fat in the stomach, the butt, the arms, or the legs. READ MORE

elvis’ golden caricatures volume 10 (elvis by alberto russo)

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ALBERTO “STING” RUSSO is a graphic de­signer and il­lus­trator. He is one of the newer gen­er­a­tions of artists who have el­e­vated the art of car­i­ca­ture into a whole new realm. Russo com­bines a tra­di­tional fine art sen­si­bility with the use of com­puter tech­nology. He pro­duces por­traits that are timely, funny, often in­sightful, and just as often im­me­di­ately ar­resting as a work of art.


elvis’ golden caricatures volume 6 (wild in the 60s)

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FROM 1960 THROUGH 1968, the image that Elvis Presley pre­sented to the public was some com­bi­na­tion of boy-next-door and movie-matinee-idol. In fact, the Elvis of these years comes close to re­al­izing the goody two-shoes/mama’s-boy image he was sad­dled with in some quar­ters!

Among car­i­ca­tur­ists, there isn’t as much in­terest in re-imagining this Elvis as there is in the Elvis the Pelvis of the ’50s and the jump-suited Elvis of the ’70s. READ MORE

elvis’ golden caricatures volume 4 (shaggin’ the ’50s)

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ELVIS’ GOLDEN CARICATURES VOLUME 4 fea­tures still more im­ages of Presley hoppin’ and a-boppin’ in the ’50s—or at least how mostly modern artists viewed Elvis and the decade! De­spite this being the fourth volume, there is ab­solutely no drop-off in quality!

For more in­for­ma­tion on the art of car­i­ca­tures, refer to the first volume of this se­ries of ar­ti­cles. READ MORE