elvis’ golden caricatures volume 3 (rattlin’ the 50s)

Elvis caricature 57 Santos 1500

ELVIS’ GOLDEN CARICATURES VOLUME 3 is the third volume of car­i­ca­tures of Presley rockin’ and shakin’ and rat­tlin’ and rollin’ the ’50s! Like the first volume, this col­lects fif­teen im­ages of the singer/actor in his youthful prime. There are four­teen im­ages in the main gallery, and there is the fea­tured image found at the top of the page and below the gallery. [Continue reading]

elvis’ golden caricatures volume 7 (elvis by hirschfeld)

Elvis caric Hirschberg 68 1500 crop

THE FIRST CARICATURE of Elvis Presley ap­peared in July 1956 in Col­lier’s mag­a­zine. The drawing was by the inim­itable Hirschfeld, and it was clean, simple, and ef­fec­tive. But it was a rather bland drawing, lacking the pizazz usu­ally as­so­ci­ated with his work—as if he wasn’t par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested in his sub­ject. [Continue reading]