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The car­i­ca­ture of Clint East­wood as “Dirty Harry” Callahan is by Art for Fine Art America.


would elvis wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic?

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WOULD ELVIS WEAR A MASK DURING THIS PANDEMIC? I found an ar­resting photo of a young Elvis wearing a bandana-like mask with what ap­peared to be modern demon­stra­tors in the back­ground. I found the image on Elvis Rare Records, where the site’s owner, Dave Reynolds, had sent me re­garding an­other issue. [Continue reading]

who gave elvis his big break in show business?

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THE QUESTION IS OLD: “Who gave (fill-in-the-blank) her big break in country music?” or “Who gave (fill-in-the-blank) his big break in the major leagues?” Those ques­tions are asked about singers and bands and base­ball and bas­ket­ball players, among others. [Continue reading]

just launched: a new elvis publication on medium!

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AS IF I WASN’T BUSY ENOUGH, I just launched my second pub­li­ca­tion on Medium. The title of the new pub­li­ca­tion is Elvis: That’s The Way It Was and, of course, it’s all Elvis all the time! “But,” you may be thinking, “doesn’t mem­ber­ship with Medium cost $5 a month?” [Continue reading]

c’mon over to bleeding heart liberal petitions on facebook

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I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE ti­tled Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions. Most days, I re­ceive a slew of emails with pe­ti­tions for var­ious causes such as saving an en­dan­gered species, urging my rep­re­sen­ta­tives in state and fed­eral gov­ern­ment to vote for or against a par­tic­ular bill, protest an in­jus­tice, etc. [Continue reading]