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where were you when I needed you?

YOU MAY ASK YOURSELF, “Where were you when I needed you?” The “you” being me, and just where the hell have I been these past few weeks? Well, due to tac­tical er­rors at my end, cer­tain func­tions of my web­sites ceased func­tioning for that time! [Continue reading]

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was “my way” really their way or someone else’s way?

HOW HAVE WE MISSED THE OBVIOUS for so long? Look, I know that old-school rock & roll fans in gen­eral and Elvis fans specif­i­cally are sup­posed to re­ac­tionarily hate punk rock—and most do! But the punks of the ’70s were car­rying on some of the spirit of the ’50s rock & roll that we love so much—especially the un­tamed Elvis of the Dorsey Brother Shows! [Continue reading]