warhol elvis worth eighty million?

Elvis Warhol TripleElvis1963 Christies 1500 crop

THE ANDY WARHOL 1963 painting of Elvis sold for more than $82,000,000, as­tounding the art world by fetching mil­lions more than its es­ti­mate. The sale es­caped the at­ten­tion of most people out­side of that art world. Christie’s Post-War & Con­tem­po­rary Art Evening Sale of No­vember 12, 2014, pro­vided a record-shattering night in the sale of sev­eral works of the second half of the 20th cen­tury. READ MORE

Blues and R&B 45s of the ’50s (book)

IN 2000, THINGS CHANGED. I was sev­eral years re­moved from O’­Sul­livan Wood­side and Gold­mine and Krause Pub­li­ca­tions. So I pub­lished The Umphred Guide To Blues And Rhythm & Blues 45s Of The ’50s under my own im­print, Monaural Press. I did it the old-fashioned way, paying a printer to make the books. READ MORE

A Touch Of Gold – Elvis Presley Price Guide (book)

AFTER MY FIRST ELVIS BOOK was pub­lished by O’­Sul­livan Wood­side in 1985, I was not con­tent with the across-the-board changes that I had made. I wanted more! I had been too conservative—a word rarely as­so­ci­ated with me—in ad­justing as­signed values and wanted a second shot at get­ting it right. Five years later and I had A Touch Of Gold. READ MORE

Goldmine’s Rock’n Roll 45RPM Record Price Guide (book)

MY SECOND BOOK for Krause was Gold­mine’s Rock’n Roll 45RPM Record Price Guide, pub­lished in 1990. As sales of my first Gold­mine book had far ex­ceeded Krause’s ex­pec­ta­tions, they heeded my ad­vice and greatly ex­panded the size of the book: whereas the album book had been a miserly 384 pages, the sin­gles guide was 604 pages! READ MORE

Goldmine’s Price Guide to Collectible Record Albums (book, 1st edition)

I CONFESS that I al­lowed my­self to be wooed by Krause Pub­li­ca­tions. This was 1988 and it was a rea­son­ably easy de­ci­sion. Along with a book di­vi­sion, Krause pub­lishes Gold­mine mag­a­zine, then the number one record col­lec­tors mag­a­zine in the world. Gold­mine and Umphred seemed nat­ural, right. And so it was! READ MORE

Rock & Roll Record Albums Price Guide (book)

WAY BACK IN THE 1990s, a se­ries of price guides for record col­lec­tors was pub­lished by Gold­mine mag­a­zine. These books com­pletely changed the way that col­lec­table records were bought, sold, and col­lected around the world. Those changes re­main in ef­fect today, a quarter of a cen­tury later. READ MORE

Elvis Presley Record Price Guide (book)

MY SECOND BOOK for record col­lec­tors was the 1985-1986 edi­tion of the Elvis Presley Record Price Guide. Pub­lished by O’Sullivan-Woodside, it was the third Elvis price guide under the OW im­print. Ex­cept my book was rad­i­cally dif­ferent from the ear­lier edi­tions: I as­signed values to the records that ac­tu­ally re­flected what they sold for in the mar­ket­place! READ MORE

return of the rockahula baby

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SOMEWHERE IN THE PAST, someone gave me the nick­name of the “Price Guide Guru,” be­cause my first books for O’­Sul­livan Wood­side were the most ac­cu­rate price guides the record col­lecting field had seen. I have long for­gotten who as­signed it to me, but I have used it on and off ever since, both in pieces that I con­tributed to Gold­mine mag­a­zine and in the com­men­tary sec­tions of my books. READ MORE