(can anyone say) what was elvis’ single greatest performance?

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THE PLUS OF QUORA is that it gives me prompts for a se­ries of an­swers there that I can turn into short ar­ti­cles here. There’s nothing like a blog being con­stantly fed fresh con­tent to keep readers and search en­gines happy! The minus of Quora is that it keeps me from other, lengthier projects, some of which have been gath­ering vir­tual dust for some time. READ MORE

I’ll be trying to get to you any day now (on elvis and soul)

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THE QUORA FORUM’S ques­tion and an­swer set-up has been keeping me busy of late. De­spite what people think about Elvis and the In­ternet, there seems to be an abiding in­terest in the man both per­son­ally and ar­tis­ti­cally. While some of the ques­tions are silly—some are just plumb dumb!—most READ MORE

elvis’ fifty worldwide number one hits

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IN THE YEAR 2000, in­stead of Y2K we got THE BEATLES 1, an album that col­lected Bea­tles’ number one hits around the world. De­spite re­cy­cling end­lessly re­cy­cled sides, it sold more than 10,000,000 copies in its first twelve months of re­lease! And then it kept on selling: it is cer­ti­fied by the RIAA for sales of 11,000,000 in the US alone. READ MORE

from nashville to memphis with heaven in between

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THE FIRST DELUXE ELVIS boxed compact-disc set was KING OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL – THE COMPLETE 50’s MASTERS, is­sued in 1992 to great fan­fare. It con­tained five discs that fea­tured the com­plete studio record­ings of Presley from 1954-1958. More than 100 record­ings in gen­uine, hon­est­ta­gawd mono seemed like a gift from Heaven! READ MORE

elvis’ riaa gold record awards 1958-1975 (while he was alive)

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ELVIS DIED WITH ONLY 28 GOLD RECORDS. That is, he col­lected only twenty-eight of­fi­cial RIAA Gold Record Awards during his ca­reer. He also moved to that man­sion on the hill without a single Plat­inum Record Award on his wall! Nei­ther he nor Colonel Parker nor RCA Victor showed any real en­thu­siasm for the awards while he was alive. READ MORE

“if I can dream” album sales passes million mark in the uk

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EVERY FEW YEARS the folks in charge of Elvis Pres­ley’s record­ings ei­ther get it right or just get lucky with their han­dling of the archival ma­te­rial. The big one was 30 #1 HITS, which hit #1 on the Bill­board LP chart in 2002. It sold over 5,000,000 units in the US and at least that many more world­wide, making it one of the best-selling Elvis Presley al­bums ever re­leased! READ MORE

the elvis presley gold standard 45s part 8 (1976–2000)

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IN 1976, the Gold Stan­dard Se­ries was re­vamped for the fourth and final time with a new ‘retro’ look. Along with the rest of the RCA cat­alog, the modern look and layout of the pre­vious or­ange and red la­bels was jet­ti­soned and the com­pany opted for a retro look: black was back and so was Nipper! READ MORE

the elvis presley gold standard 45s part 7 (1969–1976)

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IN 1969, the Gold Stan­dard Se­ries was changed for the third time: the vi­su­ally life­less or­ange label was re­placed by a more at­trac­tive bright red label. (The or­ange label re­main as the pri­mary label for RCA’s stan­dard cat­alog sin­gles and al­bums.) Oth­er­wise, the layout and the type­face re­mained the same from the pre­vious to the newest.  READ MORE