Elvis Presley Tapes is up and running!

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WHEN I BEGAN MY BOOK A Touch of Gold book way back in 1988, I was mostly con­cerned with vinyl records. While the book even­tu­ally em­braced a broad spec­trum of music-related col­lectibles, I fo­cused on 78 and 45 rpm sin­gles and EP and LP al­bums. I paid little at­ten­tion to pre­re­corded tapes than I did. 

For the most part, so did other books. Even today, as we are ap­proaching 3,000,000,000 web­sites on the World Wide Web, few of them ad­dress in any real knowl­edge­able manner the reel-to-reel, 8-track, and cas­sette pre­re­corded tapes of Elvis Pres­ley’s music that have been re­leased over the past sixty years. That’s no longer the case.

Wel­come to Elvis Presley Tapes.



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To see the Elvis Presley Tapes web­site, click here.



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