freddie does elvis proud on “crazy little thing called love”

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MY APOLO­GIES, I AM LATE (STILL) with the promised set of ar­ti­cles on the Gold Stan­dard Se­ries of Elvis records. And a second, more con­tro­ver­sial ar­ticle of­fers a re­vealing look at a highly sought-after col­lec­table with a du­bious pedi­gree. I am still working on tech­nical as­pects of my blogs and still have ob­sta­cles in the path of having them up-to-date and run­ning quickly and smoothly. So, here is a little piece just to fill the time up be­tween major posts.

Once again, it’s my an­swer to a ques­tion on Quora. The ques­tion is “Why do many people think Elvis did Crazy Little Thing Called Love?” Al­though my an­swer has two parts, it’s rather brief and can be found be­tween the two hor­i­zontal lines below:

1.  I liked Crazy Little Thing Called Love the first time I heard it in 1979. It re­mains one of my fa­vorite Queen records.

2.  I can’t imagine anyone who is re­ally fa­miliar with Elvis Presley’s music thinking that Freddie Mer­cury sounds re­motely like Elvis. He does cap­ture some of the spirit of ol’ Swivel Hips, though.

That’s it—those two num­bered lines con­sti­tute my en­tire answer.

I had the damn­dest time set­tling on a title for this piece. I wanted it to be hu­morous but every­thing I came up could have sounded con­de­scending to­wards Freddie Mer­cury or his fans or even Elvis! (For ex­ample, “Don’t Freddie Do Ol’ Elvis Right Proud On Crazy Little Thing Called Love”?)

The title I set­tled on doesn’t have the pop or pizazz that I wanted.

But it’ll do.


Queen TheGame LP 600

Crazy Little Thing Called Love was in­cluded on Queen’s album THE GAME. The cover of that album fea­tured a black and white photo of the group taken during the ses­sion for the video they made for MTV. The photo has an in­ten­tion­ally blurred look—an al­most am­a­teurish look.

Elvis left his jumpsuit at Freddie’s

Most of the an­swers to the ques­tion tend to be on the op­po­site side of the po­si­tion I took (and I as­sume they are from younger people). More in line with my at­ti­tude but much more clever and en­ter­taining was this an­swer left by Tim Boomsma:

Elvis left his white se­quined jump­suit at Freddie Mer­cury’s house one night. Once Freddie put it on, his voice got deeper, making him sound a little more Elvis-like.

To read Tim’s an­swer and those of others in their en­tirety, click here.

To see the Queen video of Crazy Little Thing Called Love, click here.

To see Dwight Yoakam also do the song as an Elvis tribute, click here.

To hear a good if un­cred­ited Elvis sounda­like singer do the song, click here. (And he is one of the better Elvis tribute artists that I have heard, sounding and even feeling nat­ural while most sounda­likes sound forced.)

There are also other Elvis im­per­son­ators doing Crazy Little Thing Called Love on YouTube, in­cluding a “duet” be­tween Freddy and Elvis. There are also sev­eral videos of Queen per­forming the song live through the years.

Fi­nally, Queen in­cor­po­rated a three-song medley of Elvis’ (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care with Ricky Nel­son’s Hello Mary Lou and Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti. This can be found on the LIVE AT WEM­BLEY STA­DIUM album. To hear it on YouTube, click here.


8 thoughts on “freddie does elvis proud on “crazy little thing called love””

  1. I too have al­ways liked this Queen song. The music it­self does cap­ture the “spirit” of the King’s mu­sical sound from the ’50s without ac­tu­ally sounding any­thing like him but it is a great piece. I have to say here though that I am not Queen’s biggest fan: I hate “Bo­hemian Rhap­sody” with a pas­sion akin to my feel­ings for Lennon’s “Imagine” and Elvis’s “Old MacDonald.”

    • D

      Thanks for the comment!

      I have ad­mired “Bo­hemian Rhap­sody” from the first time I hear it 45 years ago. I tend to like most of Queen’s sin­gles but am not as big a fan of their albums.

      I have al­ways thought “Imagine” over­rated and over­played but still a lovely recording. Men­tioning it in the same breath as ...

      ... Elvis’s “Old Mac­donald” seems harsh, indeed.

      Oh, well, to own his each, right?

      Keep on keepin’ on!


  2. Hi Neal,
    Hope you are well and staying healthy.

    I also liked “CLTCL” the first time I heard.

    Looking for­ward to reading your post about the Gold Stan­dard Series.

    Take Care,


    • B

      Thanks for the comment.

      My fa­vorite use of a Queen song in a movie is A KNIGHT’S TALE with Heath Ledger. If you haven’t seen it, con­sider adding it to your must-see list.

      The Gold Stan­dard Se­ries project at this time con­sists of 11 articles.

      Keep on keepin’ on!


  3. I am also a col­lector of gold stan­dard se­ries. I may be able to con­tribute to your study of this category.

  4. Why don’t you just cite Freddy doing You’re So Square, an Elvis song? Queen did that song often in con­cert and there are record­ings of it.


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