“elvis movies” is a work-in-progress

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MY APOLO­GIES IF YOU ARE HERE looking for some­thing to read about Elvis’ movies. I started writing some notes for a se­ries of mini-reviews of each of Pres­ley’s movies—trying for some “ob­jec­tivity” about the movie and its sound­track music in each review—and ac­ci­den­tally pressed the Pub­lish button in­stead of the Save Draft button.

So, un­less I pub­lish some­thing with this ar­ti­cle’s URL, then there is a URL that leads readers to an error page. In­stead, there’s this: a page telling you that there’s nothing here to read and it will prob­ably be sev­eral weeks be­fore there is . . .


Elvis StayAwayJoe photo cast 800

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page was cropped from this photo that was taken in Ari­zona while filming the movie Stay Away, Joe. From left to right: Katy Ju­rado, Burgess Meredith, Elvis, and L.Q. Jones. The en­tire movie was filmed in seven weeks (Oc­tober 9 and No­vember 27, 1967) and, for the most part, looks it. I am one of the few people that can brag (?) that he paid to see this in 1968!



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  1. I love the fact that there was nothing to read here, but then I in fact read some­thing here. I’ll be back to not read more 🙂.


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