should I believe anything I read about elvis on quora?


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SOMEONE ASKED ME, “Should I be­lieve any­thing I read about Elvis on Quora?” I be­lieve in an­swering yes-or-no ques­tions with a yes or a no, so I re­sponded with a simple “Yes.” But I also be­lieve in adding nec­es­sary caveats to those one-word an­swers so I fol­lowed that with, “But only if I wrote it.”

Oth­er­wise, there ain’t enough salt in the Île de Ré to handle all the mis­un­der­standing, mis­in­for­ma­tion, and out-and-out boolschidt about Elvis Presley on that platform.

Hell’s Belles, it’s less trust­worthy about that man’s life and ca­reer than Wikipedia!


Elvis 1968 NBCTVSpecial Nothingville 800 trim
Elvis in a scene from the orig­inal “Guitar Man” sto­ry­line for his 1968 NBC-TV special.

My answers on Quora

I just added a new page, “My An­swers to Elvis-Related Ques­tions On Quora.” It’s just a list of al­most 200 ques­tions as they ap­peared on Quora. Click on any ques­tion and it will take you to Quora where you can read my an­swer to that question.

Some of my an­swers are lengthy and in­tel­li­gent; others are short and far­cical. To read that ar­ticle, click here.

When it comes to fac­tual in­for­ma­tion about Elvis Presley, Quora is less trust­worthy about that man’s life and ca­reer than Wikipedia! Click To Tweet

Elvis on Quora: photo of a man's hands holding salt from Île de Ré in France.

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page was cropped from this photo, which ac­com­pa­nied the New York Times ar­ticle, “Where That Great French Salt Comes From.”



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