every ebay buyer needs to know this

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OKAY, YOU BOUGHT A RECORD ON EBAY! You’d been looking for a clean copy for years to fill a gaping hole in your collection—and now you have it! You’ve com­pleted the deal and you’re a happy camper with your latest ac­qui­si­tion. Here is what every eBay buyer needs to know after you have com­pleted your purchase.

Here are the normal steps that you as a buyer prob­ably went through to com­plete your eBay transaction:

When leaving feed­back for a seller, any­thing less than 5 stars ac­tu­ally hurts the seller at eBay’s end!

•  You paid for the record that you ei­ther won at auc­tion or paid the Buy It Now price.

•  You re­ceived the record via the US mail in a timely manner.

•  You have in­spected the record and it is as ad­ver­tised (or better).

•  You are pleased with the record, you are pleased with the trans­ac­tion, and you are pleased with the seller!

So, every­thing is hunky­dory and all is right in the world! But there is an­other step that’s im­por­tant in all eBay trans­ac­tions: the next step is to go back to eBay and leave pos­i­tive feed­back for the seller.



What buyers need to know

This brief ar­ticle here is not all about the minu­tiae of eBay’s feed­back system and how it as­sists the seller at eBay’s end. But you should know that the feed­back you leave a seller can af­fect other buyers: a feed­back score under a cer­tain number can dis­suade buyers from or­dering from a seller.

So, if you have had a pos­i­tive trans­ac­tion, tell other po­ten­tial buyers!

When leaving feed­back, any­thing less than five (5) stars HURTS the seller at eBay’s end. So, as an eBay seller, I ask you to read the one-page comic strip below and follow its advice . . .

Need­less to say, if your trans­ac­tion was not sat­is­fac­tory, that re­quires other ac­tions. Common is­sues in­clude tar­di­ness in ship­ping an item, over-grading an item, or mis­rep­re­senting an item. There can be in­no­cent ex­pla­na­tions for each of these: con­tact the seller be­fore leaving neg­a­tive feed­back. Ad­dress your com­plaints and see if an arrange­ment can be made to make you a sat­is­fied eBay buyer.



FEA­TURED IMAGE: This image at the top of this page is a col­lage by James Wapotich from his Owl Dreaming se­quence. Like vir­tu­ally every col­lage artist of the past sev­enty years, Mr. Wapotich was in­flu­enced by the ground­breaking and sur­real work of Max Ernst.

The master Dada fa­mously said, “Col­lage is the noble con­quest of the ir­ra­tional, the cou­pling of two re­al­i­ties, ir­rec­on­cil­able in ap­pear­ance, upon a plane which ap­par­ently does not suit them.” Of course, this has nothing to do with eBay or this ar­ticle but I do love a good col­lage and Wapotich’s work is ex­cep­tional, so I thought I’d share!

Fi­nally, I am posting this ar­ticle on all of my web­sites be­cause it is of in­terest to all my readers—and the more people who see it, the more people who may find their way to my eBay sell­er’s page, and maybe even­tu­ally every eBay buyer will buy some­thing from me. . .



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