a fivesome of quora questions about elvis answered

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SINCE I AM CUR­RENTLY TOILING AWAY at var­ious projects of con­sid­er­able girth—I mean, length—I’m going to post a few short-shorts. To break up things while I am re­searching and writing, I turn to Quora and an­swer ques­tions. Quora is a question-and-answer site where ques­tions are asked by users and then an­swered by other users, ei­ther fac­tu­ally or in the form of opinions.

Some of the ques­tions are abysmally stupid—I mean, bliss­fully ignorant—while others are ar­tic­u­late and thoughtful. Con­se­quently, my an­swers are mod­er­ately long and dead se­rious while others are short and play­fully ironic. Here are five ques­tions (in italics) and my answer:



Is Grace­land in Mem­phis an ac­cu­rate rep­re­sen­ta­tion of Elvis Presley’s life?

You mean, does the staid, com­fort­able, con­ser­v­a­tive house in Mem­phis re­flect the life and times of a man who changed music and cul­ture and “had” more women than most men dream of while be­coming ad­dicted to more drugs than most men know about?

I’m not cer­tain, but I’d guess, “No.”



What would be Hell for Elvis?

An end­less loop of Robert Goulet singing on a tele­vi­sion set and no gun to shoot the tele­vi­sion set.


Elvis 1956 Record Ad LPM 1254 standee A 500

This is a 15 x 20 inch, card­board standee meant to be placed on record store shelves or counter-tops. It has a ‘leg’ af­fixed to the back that folds out so that it can lean back on that leg and stand alone as a dis­play. This may have been dis­trib­uted in the early part of 1956 prior to the re­lease of Elvis’s self-titled LP album (RCA Victor LPM-1254).



Which Elvis album had the most in­flu­ence on the music in­dustry and on other performers?

RCA Victor LPM-1254, Elvis Presley, is ar­guably — and I love a good ar­gu­ment — the most in­flu­en­tial album ever re­leased. Fol­lowing the re­lease of “Heart­break Hotel” and this album:

• Sales of rock & roll records skyrocketed!
• Sales of record-players skyrocketed!
• Sales of gui­tars skyrocketed!

Alas, for bar­bers of the 1950s, sales of hair­cuts plummeted.



Which mu­si­cians were in­flu­enced by Elvis?

I could say that count­less rock & roll artist who learned how to sing or play after 1956 was in­flu­enced by Elvis, di­rectly or in­di­rectly, and not get all shook up about a wee bit of exaggeration.

I could also say that an equally count­less number of country & western artist who learned how to sing or play after 1971 was in­flu­enced by Elvis, di­rectly or in­di­rectly, and not be ex­ag­ger­ating too much.

Plus one or two others.



What would the world look like if Elvis Presley never existed?

Bleaker . . .

What would the world look like if Elvis Presley never ex­isted? Bleaker . . . Share on X

Graceland pixabay DavidMark 1000

FEA­TURED IMAGE: This photo of the gates at Grace­land was taken by David Mark and is avail­able through Pixabay. 



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