if you don’t get elvis by now, you probably never will

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AN­OTHER DAY, an­other ques­tion about Elvis on Quora needing a sane an­swer. And there are a lot of ques­tions about Elvis. This one was “What was it about Elvis that cap­ti­vated his mil­lions of fans?” First please no­tice that the person who asked the ques­tion placed it in the past tense, which I addressed.

I didn’t in­tend this to be a long an­swer: just short and to the point. My an­swer is in­dented be­tween the im­ages below:


Elvis HeTouchedMe lp cover 600

If you don’t get Elvis by now

In 1972, Stereo Re­view mag­a­zine re­viewed Elvis’s HE TOUCHED ME album and said (more or less), “If you don’t get and ap­pre­ciate Elvis by now, you prob­ably never will.”

So, if you have to ask this ques­tion in search of a se­rious an­swer, you’re prob­ably never going to un­der­stand what it is about Elvis that cap­ti­vates his mil­lions of fans.

(Please note that I an­swered your ques­tion in the present tense, not the past. Old fans con­tinue to be cap­ti­vated while new ones are being born every day.)

If you don’t get Elvis by now, you prob­ably never will (and you’ll prob­ably get through life okay nonethe­less). Click To Tweet

Elvis 1972 NYCPressConference 1000

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page was taken on June 9, 1972, during Pres­ley’s much-ballyhooed press con­fer­ence for the se­ries of con­certs he would be doing at Madison Square Garden:

“Elvis’ Madison Square Garden shows were the first time Elvis per­formed in front of a live au­di­ence in New York since his TV ap­pear­ances on the Dorsey Brothers, Steve Allen, and Ed Sul­livan shows in 1956 and 1957. Elvis per­formed be­fore an au­di­ence of 20,000 fans at each of the four shows that took place June 9-11, 1972 (that’s a total of 80,000 fans for the en­tire weekend). Ini­tially, only three shows were booked, but those sold out in­stantly, so the fourth show on June 11 was added.” (Grace­land)




3 thoughts on “if you don’t get elvis by now, you probably never will”

  1. I loved Elvis’ music from as far back as I can remember.Probably about 6 years old.That was 1960.Here I am in 2018 and I still dont know what cap­ti­vated me.Perhaps it could be that he has the best singing voice the world has ever known or ever will know.

    • D

      Yup. Me, too. I’m 67 and can’t re­member ever not loving Elvis. It be­came a “thing” for me when I in­her­ited my Aunt’s 45 rpm col­lec­tion and record player when I was 10 and hasn’t slowed down much since.

      Even his dumb records move me: When­ever I’m feeling a little down, I just get up off of my be­hind and do the clam for a couple of min­utes and I feel like I’m king of the whole wide world!



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