why this gorgeous photo is no longer my featured image

OVER THE PAST SEVEN YEARS, I have used sev­eral themes to de­velop my sites to look and feel the way that I en­vi­sion them. As my sites bring me no in­come, I can only jus­tify a modest budget for them. So, with only a few ex­cep­tions, the themes and plu­gins that I use on all my sites are the free ver­sions from each developer.

About a year ago, I switched my blogs over to the free Gen­er­atePress theme. This is one of the fastest, cleanest, and most highly rec­om­mended themes in the Word­Press world. But it caused me to make some un­for­tu­nate changes to the home page.

This in­cluded re­ducing the size of the fea­tured image on the home page of each blog. In­stead of filling the screen, these smaller im­ages were sur­rounded by the white back­drop of each blog’s neu­tral areas.

The image that I had been using on Elvis – A Touch Of Gold was a black and white photo of Elvis on stage at the In­ter­na­tional Hotel in Las Vegas in 1970. But the new de­sign re­quired a smaller image and the Vegas photo just wasn’t as ef­fec­tive that way.

So I re­placed it with a gor­geous, full-color photo from the 1968 NBC-TV spe­cial, which looked fan­tastic with the white border!


This is a gorgeous photo of Elvis on stage at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in 1970.

This is a cropped image from the larger photo that is cur­rently the fea­tured image on the home page of this blog.

A heroic gorgeous photo

But the Black Friday sales of last month got to me and I ponied up the pay­ment for the Gen­er­atePress Pre­mium theme (one-third off the usual price!). This is the theme I am using on all my sites and will con­tinue using for the fore­see­able future.

GP Pre­mium al­lowed me to re­store the large fea­tured image—which is rather ab­surdly re­ferred to as a “Hero image” in the won­derful world of WordPress—to my sites.

But the ’68 tele­vi­sion spe­cial photo didn’t look right taking up the whole screen.

But the ’70 Vegas photo cer­tainly does.

So it’s back.


This is a gorgeous photo of Elvis from the 1968 NBC-TV special.

FORMER FEATURED IMAGE: This is the gor­geous photo taken in June 1968 for the NBC-TV spe­cial Elvis (also re­ferred to as Singer Presents Elvis) that was briefly the fea­tured image on the home page of Elvis – A Touch Of Gold.


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They’re Both Great shots and there are Better ones… even from the same era. Good luck with the new theme!

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