aloha from hawaii via misprinted cover art

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I DON’T HAVE MUCH OF AN AR­TICLE to go with the awk­wardly ti­tled “Aloha From Hawaii Via Mis­printed Cover Art.” For now, I wanted to make this image avail­able to fans and col­lec­tors so they can see a real rarity among Elvis records: a mis­printed LP album jacket without any text on the front cover!

How it es­caped the Acme-sized paper shredder that RCA kept on hand for boners like this is a mys­tery to me.


As per the de­f­i­n­i­tions in my [ad­mit­tedly an­cient] Gold­mine books, I use the terms mis­print or mis­printing to refer to factory-caused er­rors on la­bels and jackets or sleeves. This in­cludes but is hardly lim­ited to in­cor­rect credits, in­cor­rect la­bels on record, etc.

I use the terms mis­press or mis­pressing to refer to factory-caused er­rors in the record. This in­cludes but is hardly lim­ited to in­cor­rect music plays on one side, music plays at in­cor­rect speed, etc.


Aloha From Hawaii via Misprinted Cover: front cover of the Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite album without any text printed on the front cover.
This is the front cover of the gate­fold jacket for RCA VPSX-6089, Aloha From Hawaii Via Satel­lite. It was re­leased in Feb­ruary 1973.

Aloha from Hawaii via misprinted cover

The mis­printed jacket ad­dressed in this ar­ticle is not an orig­inal ver­sion of the album (VPSX-6089) but was made during a later run of the album. It has a cat­alog number of CPD2-2642 with an “RE 2” in the lower left corner of the back cover.

The records are quadra­phonic with or­ange “Quadradisc” la­bels and the CPD2-2642 cat­alog number.

This ver­sion of the album was first is­sued in 1975 and re­mained in print for sev­eral years.


As this ap­pears to be the first copy of this de­fec­tive jacket found, there are no sales upon which to base any kind of es­ti­mated value.


Elvis AlohaFromHawaii LP misprint jacket 800
In a printing mishap during a later pressing of the album (CPD2-2642), none of the text iden­ti­fying the album was printed on the front cover. It has a normal back cover. It was prob­ably re­leased in 1975.

The rest of the jacket

The rest of this mis­printed jacket is “normal”: the back cover and the in­side panels have all the req­ui­site art and text. The only dif­fer­ence be­tween it and a prop­erly printed/manufactured jacket—aside from the front cover, of course—is the cat­alog number.

CPD2-2642 is on the in­side while the “RE 2” is in the lower left corner of the back cover which in­di­cates it is the second reissue since the orig­inal re­lease in 1973.


Elvis AlohaFromHawaii CPD2 2642 bc 800
The mis­printed jacket has all the other text that is sup­posed to ap­pear on the back cover and the in­side panels. Note the “RE 2” in the lower left corner of the back cover above.


Thanks to col­lector Michael O’Hara for pro­viding me with the image of this album jacket and the req­ui­site in­for­ma­tion to write this brief ar­ticle. Thanks to Petri Makkonen for pointing out some­thing that was missing.

Fi­nally, for more in­for­ma­tion on this album, click on over to Elvis Records Dot Com and Discogs.



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