Elvis 1956 Victrola 45 player echoes open 900x800 copy 2

the highly collectible elvis presley phonographs of 1956

THE EXPLOITATION OF ELVIS PRESLEY began in 1956. Elvis Presley En­ter­prises was es­tab­lished to au­tho­rize the man­u­fac­turing of nov­elty items about “the most talked about new per­son­ality in the last ten years of recorded music” to be sold to fans. RCA Victor also cap­i­tal­ized on their singer’s pop­u­larity by man­u­fac­turing a pair of Elvis Presley phono­graphs. [Continue reading]

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probably the biggest year in the history of elvis!

IT’S NOT JUST ELVIS! Jeff Jampol is an es­tate rep­re­sen­ta­tive who han­dles the “brands” and as­sets of such stars as Jim Mor­rison, Janis Joplin, and the Ra­mones. He tells a story of having dinner with friends in their thir­ties and for­ties and asking them to name the ti­tles of three Beatle songs. [Continue reading]

DonJuanDeMarco Depp sword down 1500 crop

elvis as don juan, cad, and womanizer (but not a hound dog)

THE PRIVATE LIVES of other human be­ings rarely in­terest me. This in­cludes the people I deal with every day along with the people I enjoy as artists, ath­letes, en­ter­tainers, and even politi­cians. Con­se­quently, I don’t read many bi­ogra­phies and rarely write about peo­ple’s lifestyles. 1

When I write bi­o­graph­i­cally about a mu­si­cian on my Rather Rare Records blog, their sex lives or the drugs they used only in­terest me to the de­gree that it af­fected their music and cre­ativity. [Continue reading]

Elvis signature 1957 1500 crop

fake elvis autographs on records and memorabilia

COUNTERFEITING ELVIS ITEMS has been going on since at least the early ’60s when the FBI be­lieves that mob-related or­ga­ni­za­tions printed mil­lions of copies of sev­eral best-selling al­bums from the 1950s and early ’60s. Other records in­clude fine re­pro­duc­tions of the Sun 45s and 78s, var­ious pieces of mem­o­ra­bilia, and fake sets of the 1956 Topps bubble gum cards. [Continue reading]