coming soon! a new series about elvis’ gold standard 45s

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An all NEW se­ries of up­dated and rewritten ar­ti­cles about the Elvis Presley Gold Stan­dard Se­ries of 45 rpm sin­gles and EP albums!

NEW discogra­phies – NEW la­be­l­o­gra­phies – NEW photos of some re­ally rather rare records!

Plus an all NEW, up-to-date price guide!!!

I have been busy com­pletely re­vamping the se­ries of nine ar­ti­cles I wrote about Elvis’ Gold Stan­dard sin­gles and pic­ture sleeves and the new ar­ti­cles will be so, so, so much better:

More com­plete.
More ac­cu­rate.
More interesting.

And I have more help from more col­lec­tors this time. Here are a few im­ages to tease you into wanting more:


Elvis 1964 BrowserBox Thibault 2 1000

This is the browser box used to dis­play the first Elvis Gold Stan­dard orig­inal re­lease, Kiss Me Quick / Sus­pi­cion, re­leased in April 1964. The box also dis­plays the spe­cial reis­sues of five older Gold Stan­dard sin­gles, each in a brand, spanking new pic­ture sleeve. The box and records above are from the col­lec­tion of Jules Thibault, which is why each of the records and pic­ture sleeves are in pro­tec­tive, plastic outer sleeves. He pur­chased this box in like-new con­di­tion on eBay a few years ago and he gra­ciously took photos of it for these articles.


Elvis GS 0631 red a LaPine 600

Elvis GS 0631 red b LaPine 600

This is the super-rare red label reissue of I Feel So Bad / Wild In The Country. When I wrote the orig­inal Gold Stan­dard Se­ries ar­ti­cles four years ago, I couldn’t even prove this record ex­isted! But an­other gra­cious col­lector sent me these photos and two others of an equally rare red label record.


Read the ar­ti­cles as I pub­lish them and find out. There will be at least ten ar­ti­cles in the se­ries. I’d tell you more but—Hell’s Belles!—I haven’t even de­cided on a col­lec­tive title for them.

PS: If you have been redi­rected here from one of my older ar­ti­cles about Elvis’ Gold Stan­dard 45s, it’s be­cause I don’t want you reading old and mis­leading information.


19 thoughts on “coming soon! a new series about elvis’ gold standard 45s”

  1. I’m waiting to read more about those rare 5 GSS sin­gles and the values. Love to read more about Elvis Records.

    • SHEILA

      Thanks for the comment.

      Right now, I have eleven ar­ti­cles ad­dressing the Elvis Gold Stan­dard Se­ries records in var­ious stages of com­ple­tion. I put them tem­porarily aside for a va­riety of rea­sons in­cluding but not lim­ited to changing hosts for my blogs, up­dating those blogs with new plu­gins (which I think I com­pleted yes­terday), health is­sues (pandemic-related and just-plain-getting-old-related), etc.

      So hang in there, please ...


      • Thank you for writing back!! I re­ally love col­lecting Elvis Records. In fact, I have those 5 GSS white label promos with sleeves. Fac­tory new!! You will not be­lieve what I paid for! So, I’m ex­cited to learn more about them records and other Elvis great records.

          • The five with pic­ture sleeves and white label promos—the five that are hard to get.

            Also have “Kiss Me Quick” / “Sus­pi­cion.”

            • S

              Do you mean the following:

              447-0604 “Blue Moon of Ken­tucky” / “That’s All Right”
              447-0602 “Good Rockin’ Tonight” / “I Don’t Care if The Sun Don’t Shine”
              447-0605 “Heart­break Hotel” / “I Was The One”
              447-0608 “Hound Dog” / “Don’t Be Cruel”
              447-0618 “All Shook Up” / “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin”

              If so, the last time I saw any­thing re­sem­bling MINT copies of these pic­ture sleeves was when I saw them in the browser box in Wool­worths or Mc­Cro­ry’s in the Summer of 1964. These sleeves are not rare but very, very hard to find without ring­wear and are—in my opinion—absurdly un­der­valued in NM condition.

              The white label promos are much easier to find in NM.

              The WLP record and the pic­ture sleeve for 447-0639, “Kiss Me Quick” / “Sus­pi­cion,” are also rel­a­tively easy to come by in NM.


  2. NEAL

    447-0610 “I Got A Woman” / “I’m Counting On You”
    447-0611 “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry” / “I’ll Never Let You Go”
    447-0612 “Trying To Get To You” / “I Love You Because”

    The above three Gold Stan­dard Se­ries 45s are the rarest of the rare. They sold so poorly they were deleted by 1963 and you will NOT find them listed in any RCA cat­alog or back cover listing Elvis Presley singles.

    Thank you.

    • COLIN

      I have been working on up­dating the discog­raphy and price guide for the Elvis Gold Stan­dard se­ries 45s for sev­eral years and hope to pub­lish it soon. While the three num­bers you listed are among the rarest of the orig­inal black label press­ings with Nipper and “RCA Victor” on top, they don’t come close to how rare any of the or­ange label Gold Stan­dards are (which have been $100+ records for decades) and many of the red la­bels (one of which sold for more than $500 in the past 18 months).

      And we re­main baf­fled by the so-called “new black” label Gold Stan­dards, of which there are so many vari­a­tions — such as la­bels with and without “Gold Stan­dard”; la­bels with “Gold Stan­dard” on the top, the bottom, or the side; and records pressed on vinyl or on styrene.

      All I gotta do is get off my widening be­hind, finish the project, and post it!

      Keep on keepin’ on!


    • No. A friend sent me a couple of photos via email. I re­member the box from 1964: I saw it in one of the five-and-dime stores in Wilkes-Barre. I also re­member that they were selling the records for 69¢ each, which seems way too low.

    • I had never seen this counter rack (which I have al­ways called a “browser box”) for Kissin’ Cousins be­fore. Thanks!


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