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HERE ARE LINKS TO A FEW SITES devoted wholly or partially to Elvis. Some are blogs with articles to read, others are outlets selling records and memorabilia. These sites are here because I like them and I know some of the people running them. (Heck, I even like some of the people running them!)

The title of each site is a hyperlink to that site; just click on the name and off you will go as if you were wearing Dorothy’s ruby slippers. I have divided the listings into two subsets: those that are actually websites on the internet and those that are pages on Facebook.


Elvis 1956 photo red 800

This is a posed photo of Elvis from 1956.

Elvis on the internet

There are many pages devoted to Elvis on the World Wide Web. Here are a few. Sites with an asterisk (*) are not uniquely Elvis. If one of these is your site, you can flesh out the listing with more information as Elvis Rare Records did. Just let me know via a comment at the bottom of the page.


Elvis Australia

Elvis Australia offers news and articles and the latest records and books for sale. Elvis Australia has the latest Elvis Presley news, reviews, articles, and interviews with a huge selection of CDs, DVDs, books, and memorabilia for sale. Elvis Australia has been online and 100% dedicated to the king of rock & roll since 1996.



According to this site’s introduction, with the Elvis-History-Blog, “You’ve found your best source for information on the life, work, and legacy of Elvis Presley, the 20th Century’s greatest cultural icon. Through the use of eyewitness accounts, classic photos, and historical analysis, a clear and accurate picture of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll comes into focus.

This site includes over 400 pages covering a wide range of topics about the life and career of Elvis Presley. Alan Hanson wrote nearly all of the essays and posted them on Elvis-History-Blog between 2008 and 2019.”

Well researched, well written. ‘Nuff said?


Elvis Information Network

The Elvis Information Network is home to the best news, reviews, interviews, photos, and in-depth articles about the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley.


Elvis on CD

Elvis on CD offers discographies of compact discs. Elvis On CD offers complete discographical listings (title, company, catalog number, track listing, and commentary) on CD releases by RCA/BMG/Sony, Follow That Dream” (FTD), and bootlegs as well.


Elvis Presley: A Life in Books

Elvis Presley: A Life in Books is a bibliographical website devoted to books related to Elvis Presley. Currently, there are more than 2,500 books listed. Some titles have general information (such as a short description, number of pages, etc.) but most are still awaiting a proper review.


Elvis Presley Tapes

Subtitled “A Blog About Elvis Presley’s Recorded Tapes and More,” that’s exactly what it is: a site that is working on listing every known prerecorded Presley tape that was released in the US from 1960 to the present. Elvis Presley Tapes includes reel-to-reels, 8-track cartridges, and cassette cartridges.


Elvis Records

The Elvis Presley Record Research Database includes detailed discographies of US vinyl records with thousands of photos of hundreds of records (front and back covers of jackets and sleeves, both sides of records). “This site exists to serve the Elvis Presley record collector community as an online guide, gallery, and visual reference for all collectors and as a companion to fill the void of the all text price guides.”


Elvis Rare Records

Elvis Rare Records offers collectible records and memorabilia for sale. It features a complete US discography of Elvis’ singles, EPs, and LPs with chart positions from Billboard, Cash Box, and Record World. Unreleased and rare pictures of Elvis with other celebs, including every known photo of Elvis with Tom Jones, including 8mm footage.



ElviCities is the name of a site that hosts a smorgasbord of independent blogs. Currently, ElviCities hosts 97 different blogs devoted to Elvis.


For Elvis CD Collectors

For Elvis CD Fans offers articles and discographies and a great forum where they brag “More Than 100 Million Visitors Can’t Be Wrong!!!”


Keith Flynn’s Elvis Presley Pages

The big draw of Keith Flynn’s Elvis Presley Pages is a detailed sessionography (a full recording sessions database) and discography (the definitive interactive listing of RCA’s mainstream Elvis record and compact disc releases).

The go-to site for meticulous Elvis researchers because of Flynn’s meticulously researched data. While at site this site, make sure to check out the Ultimate Elvis section.


Master & Session

The Master & Session site contains articles and sessionographies. The Session Sections are ongoing work covering the actual recording sessions and available sources. The Master Section is a brief overview of the outcome of the recording sessions, the masters, sorted by decade.


Rockaway Records *

Rockaway Records oew and collectible records for sale. Since 1979 Rockaway Records has been buying, selling, and trading collectible vinyl, music memorabilia, and virtually everything else music related worldwide. 


Round Place in the Middle *

The Round Place in the Middle was (past tense) a blog about Elvis and western heroes and girl group singers and other nice things. Sadly, this site is now defunct and gone from the internet as its creator, John Walker Ross, has left the building.


Sheila Variations *

The Sheila Variations is a blog about many things, including Elvis. As Sheila is a member of the NYFCC (New York Film Critics’ Circle) and a regular film critic for Roger Ebert Dot Com, there’s a lot about movies.


World’s Rarest Records *

World’s Rarest Records offers rare and collectible records for sale. John Tefteller has been buying and selling rare phonograph records for the past 35 years. He has a worldwide reputation for his knowledge of rare records, especially blues 78s. For top-quality records, no one can top The World’s Rarest Records!


Worldwide Elvis

Worldwide Elvis offers rare and collectible records for sale. Paul Dowling has been buying and selling rare Elvis records for the past 45 years. “Worldwide Elvis carries hard-to-find items from unusual countries and we are usually the only ones doing so and we specialize in this. We do NOT claim to have the cheapest prices nor are we the most expensive Elvis mail-order organization around!”


Elvis 1968 NBC pose 800 crop

This is a posed photo of Elvis from 1968.

Elvis on Facebook

There are many pages devoted to Elvis on Facebook. Here are is a link to a Facebook page that lists the Elvis pages with links and the option to join the group/page: Elvis pages on Facebook

And there’s Elvis – A Touch Of Gold, my Facebook page. You will find links to my latest articles posted on this blog plus links to answers to Elvis-related questions on Quora. Occasionally, I post something from the internet—an article or photo that I do not intend to use on this blog.