Other Elvis Sites of Interest

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HERE ARE LINKS TO A FEW SITES de­voted wholly or par­tially to Elvis. Some are blogs with ar­ti­cles to read, others are out­lets selling records and mem­o­ra­bilia. These sites are here be­cause I like them and I know some of the people run­ning them. (Heck, I even like some of the people run­ning them!)

The title of each site is a hy­per­link to that site; just click on the name and off you will go as if you were wearing Dorothy’s ruby slip­pers. I have di­vided the list­ings into two sub­sets: those that are ac­tu­ally web­sites on the in­ternet and those that are pages on Facebook.


Elvis 1956 photo red 800

This is a posed photo of Elvis from 1956.

Elvis on the internet

There are many pages de­voted to Elvis on the World Wide Web. Here are a few. Sites with an as­terisk (*) are not uniquely Elvis. If one of these is your site, you can flesh out the listing with more in­for­ma­tion as Elvis Rare Records did. Just let me know via a com­ment at the bottom of the page.


Elvis Australia

Elvis Aus­tralia of­fers news and ar­ti­cles and the latest records and books for sale. Elvis Aus­tralia has the latest Elvis Presley news, re­views, ar­ti­cles, and in­ter­views with a huge se­lec­tion of CDs, DVDs, books, and mem­o­ra­bilia for sale. Elvis Aus­tralia has been on­line and 100% ded­i­cated to the king of rock & roll since 1996.



Ac­cording to this site’s in­tro­duc­tion, with the Elvis-History-Blog, “You’ve found your best source for in­for­ma­tion on the life, work, and legacy of Elvis Presley, the 20th Century’s greatest cul­tural icon. Through the use of eye­wit­ness ac­counts, classic photos, and his­tor­ical analysis, a clear and ac­cu­rate pic­ture of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll comes into focus.

This site in­cludes over 400 pages cov­ering a wide range of topics about the life and ca­reer of Elvis Presley. Alan Hanson wrote nearly all of the es­says and posted them on Elvis-History-Blog be­tween 2008 and 2019.”

Well re­searched, well written. ‘Nuff said?


Elvis Information Network

The Elvis In­for­ma­tion Net­work is home to the best news, re­views, in­ter­views, photos, and in-depth ar­ti­cles about the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley.


Elvis on CD

Elvis on CD of­fers discogra­phies of com­pact discs. Elvis On CD of­fers com­plete disco­graph­ical list­ings (title, com­pany, cat­alog number, track listing, and com­men­tary) on CD re­leases by RCA/BMG/Sony, Follow That Dream” (FTD), and bootlegs as well.


Elvis Presley: A Life in Books

Elvis Presley: A Life in Books is a bib­li­o­graph­ical web­site de­voted to books re­lated to Elvis Presley. Cur­rently, there are more than 2,500 books listed. Some ti­tles have gen­eral in­for­ma­tion (such as a short de­scrip­tion, number of pages, etc.) but most are still awaiting a proper review.


Elvis Presley Tapes

Sub­ti­tled “A Blog About Elvis Presley’s Recorded Tapes and More,” that’s ex­actly what it is: a site that is working on listing every known pre­re­corded Presley tape that was re­leased in the US from 1960 to the present. Elvis Presley Tapes in­cludes reel-to-reels, 8-track car­tridges, and cas­sette cartridges.


Elvis Records

The Elvis Presley Record Re­search Data­base in­cludes de­tailed discogra­phies of US vinyl records with thou­sands of photos of hun­dreds of records (front and back covers of jackets and sleeves, both sides of records). “This site ex­ists to serve the Elvis Presley record col­lector com­mu­nity as an on­line guide, gallery, and vi­sual ref­er­ence for all col­lec­tors and as a com­panion to fill the void of the all text price guides.”


Elvis Rare Records

Elvis Rare Records of­fers col­lectible records and mem­o­ra­bilia for sale. It fea­tures a com­plete US discog­raphy of Elvis’ sin­gles, EPs, and LPs with chart po­si­tions from Bill­board, Cash Box, and Record World. Un­re­leased and rare pic­tures of Elvis with other celebs, in­cluding every known photo of Elvis with Tom Jones, in­cluding 8mm footage.



ElviC­i­ties is the name of a site that hosts a smörgås­bord of in­de­pen­dent blogs. Cur­rently, ElviC­i­ties hosts 97 dif­ferent blogs de­voted to Elvis.


For Elvis CD Collectors

For Elvis CD Fans of­fers ar­ti­cles and discogra­phies and a great forum where they brag “More Than 100 Mil­lion Vis­i­tors Can’t Be Wrong!!!”


Keith Flynn’s Elvis Presley Pages

The big draw of Keith Fly­nn’s Elvis Presley Pages is a de­tailed ses­sionog­raphy (a full recording ses­sions data­base) and discog­raphy (the de­fin­i­tive in­ter­ac­tive listing of RCA’s main­stream Elvis record and com­pact disc releases).

The go-to site for metic­u­lous Elvis re­searchers be­cause of Fly­nn’s metic­u­lously re­searched data. While at site this site, make sure to check out the Ul­ti­mate Elvis section.


Master & Session

The Master & Ses­sion site con­tains ar­ti­cles and ses­siono­gra­phies. The Ses­sion Sec­tions are on­going work cov­ering the ac­tual recording ses­sions and avail­able sources. The Master Sec­tion is a brief overview of the out­come of the recording ses­sions, the mas­ters, sorted by decade.


Rockaway Records *

Rock­away Records oew and col­lectible records for sale. Since 1979 Rock­away Records has been buying, selling, and trading col­lectible vinyl, music mem­o­ra­bilia, and vir­tu­ally every­thing else music re­lated worldwide. 


Round Place in the Middle *

The Round Place in the Middle was (past tense) a blog about Elvis and western he­roes and girl group singers and other nice things. Sadly, this site is now de­funct and gone from the in­ternet as its cre­ator, John Walker Ross, has left the building.


Sheila Variations *

The Sheila Vari­a­tions is a blog about many things, in­cluding Elvis. As Sheila is a member of the NYFCC (New York Film Critics’ Circle) and a reg­ular film critic for Roger Ebert Dot Com, there’s a lot about movies.


World’s Rarest Records *

World’s Rarest Records of­fers rare and col­lectible records for sale. John Tefteller has been buying and selling rare phono­graph records for the past 35 years. He has a world­wide rep­u­ta­tion for his knowl­edge of rare records, es­pe­cially blues 78s. For top-quality records, no one can top The World’s Rarest Records!


Worldwide Elvis

World­wide Elvis of­fers rare and col­lectible records for sale. Paul Dowling has been buying and selling rare Elvis records for the past 45 years. “World­wide Elvis car­ries hard-to-find items from un­usual coun­tries and we are usu­ally the only ones doing so and we spe­cialize in this. We do NOT claim to have the cheapest prices nor are we the most ex­pen­sive Elvis mail-order or­ga­ni­za­tion around!”


Elvis 1968 NBC pose 800 crop

This is a posed photo of Elvis from 1968.

Elvis on Facebook

There are many pages de­voted to Elvis on Face­book. Here are is a link to a Face­book page that lists the Elvis pages with links and the op­tion to join the group/page: Elvis pages on Facebook

And there’s Elvis – A Touch Of Gold, my Face­book page. You will find links to my latest ar­ti­cles posted on this blog plus links to an­swers to Elvis-related ques­tions on Quora. Oc­ca­sion­ally, I post some­thing from the internet—an ar­ticle or photo that I do not in­tend to use on this blog.