elvis compact 33s from japan 1961–1967

Elvis 1957 drums 1500 crop

IN JAPAN, the seven-inch, 33 rpm format lasted into the second half of the ’60s. Elvis records were is­sued as Com­pact 33 Sin­gles and Dou­bles there that were not is­sued do­mes­ti­cally. Japanese record buyers were ap­par­ently not even given the op­por­tu­nity to ap­pre­ciate the slower speed sin­gles, as I could not find any ref­er­ence to that country re­leasing any sin­gles at 33 rpm. [Continue reading]

warhol elvis worth eighty million?

Elvis Warhol TripleElvis1963 Christies 1500 crop

THE ANDY WARHOL 1963 painting of Elvis sold for more than $82,000,000, as­tounding the art world by fetching mil­lions more than its es­ti­mate. The sale es­caped the at­ten­tion of most people out­side of that art world. [Continue reading]

hound dogs and baby books

Elvis SteveAllen hounddog 1500 crop

ACCORDING TO MY BABY BOOK—and I don’t know if that is a Catholic tra­di­tion or what but I don’t meet a lot of people who know what they are—when I was 5-years old, my fa­vorite song was Sh-Boom. (“Life could be a dream sh-boom sh-boom.”) [Continue reading]

Elvis By Request compact 33 double EP album

FlamingStar 800

DURING 1961-1962, RCA Victor is­sued five of Elvis Pres­ley’s new sin­gles as monaural Com­pact 33 Sin­gles in the US. These are all re­ally rather rare records and their pic­ture sleeves are even rarer! This some­thing that cannot be said about al­most any other com­mer­cially re­leased Elvis ti­tles. They [Continue reading]