introduction to 33 rpm singles and doubles

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THE FIRST RECORDS to reach a large au­di­ence and keep that au­di­ence for sev­eral gen­er­a­tions were 10-inch records that played at ap­prox­i­mately 78 rev­o­lu­tions per minute. The orig­inal format fea­tured only one song on one side, hence it was known as a single. The name stuck to the format when it was made into a two-sided medium with one song per side. READ MORE

the avid record collector’s price guide to A Touch Of Gold albums

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HARD UP FOR NEW RELEASES while their cash-cow was in the Army, in 1959-1960, RCA Victor is­sued three vol­umes of EP al­bums ti­tled A TOUCH OF GOLD. I had al­ways liked that title and had sub­se­quently used it as the title for my second Elvis Presley price guide. And now it is re­cy­cled yet again as the title of this blog for Elvis fans and col­lec­tors. READ MORE

return of the rockahula baby

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SOMEWHERE IN THE PAST, someone gave me the nick­name of the “Price Guide Guru,” be­cause my first books for O’­Sul­livan Wood­side were the most ac­cu­rate price guides the record col­lecting field had seen. I have long for­gotten who as­signed it to me, but I have used it on and off ever since, both in pieces that I con­tributed to Gold­mine mag­a­zine and in the com­men­tary sec­tions of my books. READ MORE

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