I Feel So Bad compact 33 single and picture sleeve

Elvis 1961b 800

I FEEL SO BAD was Elvis’ fifth single of the new decade, and was a world­wide smash—or at least it or the flip-side was a smash some­where. At this time (1961–62), RCA Victor was is­suing Pres­ley’s new sin­gles in the US as both stan­dard 45 rpm records and also as 33 rpm records. [Continue reading]

return of the rockahula baby

RockahulaBabu 825

SOMEWHERE IN THE PAST, someone gave me the nick­name of the “Price Guide Guru,” be­cause my first books for O’­Sul­livan Wood­side were the most ac­cu­rate price guides the record col­lecting field had seen. I have long for­gotten who as­signed it to me, but I have used it on and off ever since, both in pieces that I con­tributed to Gold­mine mag­a­zine and in the com­men­tary sec­tions of my books. [Continue reading]