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I am writing a new column about records for another blog!

MY NEWEST ENDEAVOR is writing a column for an­other blog! The blog is Six­ties Music Se­crets, an in­for­ma­tive audio/visual blog with insight-filled con­ver­sa­tions be­tween knowl­edge­able, cu­rious, and nos­talgic readers re­garding all things mu­sical from the 1960s. The column is “The Avid Record Collector.”

In this column, I will look at records that were mass-produced in the 1960s and sub­se­quently deleted from record com­pany cat­a­logs. [Continue reading]

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probably the biggest year in the history of elvis!

IT’S NOT JUST ELVIS! Jeff Jampol is an es­tate rep­re­sen­ta­tive who han­dles the “brands” and as­sets of such stars as Jim Mor­rison, Janis Joplin, and the Ra­mones. He tells a story of having dinner with friends in their thir­ties and for­ties and asking them to name the ti­tles of three Beatle songs. [Continue reading]

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the most valuable elvis 45 of the ’70s has been bootlegged!

SOME COPIES OF “BURNING LOVE” may be the most valu­able commercially-issued Elvis single of the ’70s! De­spite its last sale on eBay for al­most a thou­sand dol­lars, many col­lec­tors are un­aware of this record’s value or its origin. This ar­ticle ad­dresses those facts and warns readers that this rarity has been boot­legged and these coun­ter­feit copies are being sold to un­sus­pecting fans! [Continue reading]

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don’t you think it’s weird that so many people impersonate elvis?

SO I OPEN UP MY EMAIL and there’s a no­ti­fi­ca­tion telling me that someone re­quests my an­swer to a ques­tion on Quora. I tend to ig­nore these ques­tions as many are id­i­otic and are just a means for the asker to get some at­ten­tion on Quora. But the ques­tion was “Is it weird that so many people im­per­sonate Elvis?” [Continue reading]

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british pressings of elvis presley’s “my boy” are common in the u.k.

EXPORT-ONLY RECORDS ARE NOT COMMON in the record busi­ness. But in 1974, RCA in the US had to man­u­fac­ture records by sev­eral artists to be ex­ported to Eng­land for sale in the UK. Why this oc­curred while there were British press­ings of the same records being man­u­fac­tured at the same time re­mains a topic of dis­cus­sion among record collectors. [Continue reading]