Elvis ThisIsHisLife sleeve 600 yellowed

the elvis “this is his life” cartoon picture sleeve

RCA’S CAR­TOON PIC­TURE SLEEVES of the ’50s fea­tured a “bi­o­graphy” that summed up each artist’s life in a few comic strip-like panels. While rather rare, these sleeves are not very col­lectible and there­fore are not valu­able, ex­cept for one: the Elvis “This Is His Life” sleeve is among the rarer Presley items of that time. [Read more] “the elvis “this is his life” cartoon picture sleeve”

Elvis ThisIsHisLife PS yellow f 600 repair

rca victor cartoon picture sleeves of the ’50s

FOR A SHORT TIME IN 1955-1956, RCA Victor man­u­fac­tured a se­ries of car­toon pic­ture sleeves for 45 rpm records. Each sleeve had a “This Is His Life” theme that summed up the artist’s life in a few comic strip-like panels. These sleeves were prob­ably shipped to radio sta­tions to catch the at­ten­tion of the DJs. [Read more] “rca victor cartoon picture sleeves of the ’50s”

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the first rca elvis record was “I forgot to remember to forget”

RCA VICTOR SIGNED ELVIS as a recording artist on No­vember 21, 1955. The first RCA Elvis record they re­leased was a reissue of Sun 223, “I Forgot To Re­member To Forget” / “Mys­tery Train.” It had been among the best-selling country records for sev­eral weeks and RCA was de­ter­mined to take it to the top. [Read more] “the first rca elvis record was “I forgot to remember to forget””

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the biggest country & western record news of 1955

ELVIS WAS AL­READY A STAR when RCA Victor ac­quired his con­tract in No­vember 1955. The record com­pany had won a bid­ding war for the right to pur­chase his con­tract from Sun Records. They paid a king’s ransom for that con­tract but be­lieved that Presley would be the biggest country & western record star of 1956! [Read more] “the biggest country & western record news of 1955”

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what was the first elvis record that rca victor released?

THE FIRST ELVIS RECORDS were five sin­gles that Sun Records re­leased be­tween July 1954 and Au­gust 1955. But what was the next Elvis record, the first one that RCA Victor re­leased? For some col­lec­tors, it would be the first record that RCA man­u­fac­tured that fea­tured at least one track by Presley, in­cluding var­ious artist albums. [Read more] “what was the first elvis record that rca victor released?”

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rca victor’s spd series of specialty records of the ’50s

THERE ARE SPE­CIAL RECORDS is­sued in 1955-1956 that com­mand big bucks from Elvis col­lec­tors, such as SPD-15. Each title in RCA Victor’s SPD se­ries is a spe­cial record or set of records. Some ti­tles were made for spe­cial re­tail sales events while others were made for pro­mo­tional pur­poses, such as give­aways at spe­cial so­cial events. [Read more] “rca victor’s spd series of specialty records of the ’50s”

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just gimme some truth about colonel parker

BAZ LUHRMAN’S “ELVIS” has made thou­sands of know-nothings into overnight ex­perts on both Presley and Tom Parker. While I loved the movie (and ap­pre­ciate the Hol­ly­wood For­eign Press As­so­ci­a­tion rec­og­nizing Austin But­ler’s phe­nom­enal per­for­mance), Luhrman took some se­rious “artistic li­cense” with many facts about both men’s ca­reers. [Read more] “just gimme some truth about colonel parker”

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Elvis Presley Tapes is up and running!

WHEN I BEGAN MY BOOK A Touch of Gold book way back in 1988, I was mostly con­cerned with vinyl records. While the book even­tu­ally em­braced a broad spec­trum of music-related col­lectibles, I fo­cused on 78 and 45 rpm sin­gles and EP and LP al­bums. I paid little at­ten­tion to pre­re­corded tapes than I did.  [Read more] “Elvis Presley Tapes is up and running!”

elvis and the illuminating turntable

AN ELVIS REISSUE may be one of the rarest and most valu­able Elvis records of the past fifty years. Or, it may be an­other fake col­lectible de­serving no better status than that of a cleverly-made-yet-unnecessary bootleg. And it’s tied in with a fooked-up but very in­ter­esting pic­ture cover and—get this—an il­lu­mi­nating turntable! [Read more] “elvis and the illuminating turntable”