the alternative Love Letters From Elvis album

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WITH THE RELEASE of If I Can Dream in Oc­tober 1968, Elvis began a string of su­perb sin­gles and al­bums that lifted him from the dol­drums of the life­less Hol­ly­wood movies that had de­fined his ca­reer for years. These new records lifted him back to the top­per­most of the pop­per­most across the planet. His re­turn to live per­forming in July 1969 ce­mented his su­per­star status. READ MORE

what were the best elvis albums of the ’70s?

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WHAT WERE ELVIS’ BEST ALBUMS OF THE ’70s? That’s ac­tu­ally a fairly easy ques­tion to an­swer: the ones recorded in 1970. There is no ques­tioning that the quality of Pres­ley’s record­ings di­min­ished dra­mat­i­cally after 1971. This was due to his de­te­ri­o­rating phys­ical and mental health along with artistic turn to­wards melo­drama and bom­bast. These prob­lems were ex­ac­er­bated by his mas­sive in­take of pre­scrip­tion drugs. READ MORE

the real answer to “what was elvis presley’s first album?”

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TODAY’S QUORA QUESTION is “What was Elvis Pres­ley’s first album?” Everyone who knows much of any­thing about Elvis thinks they know the an­swer: LPM-1254 with Red Robert­son’s iconic pho­to­graph of Elvis in 1955. But that’s not the ac­tual an­swer, as anyone who knows more than much-of-anything-about-Elvis re­al­izes. Con­fu­sion ex­ists be­cause the term “album” has taken on non-format-related mean­ings in the in­ter­vening decades. READ MORE

on the edge of reality with the pseudo-psychedelic elvis

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IF I CAN DREAM, I’ll have this ar­ticle fin­ished be­fore I find my­self sit­ting on the edge of re­ality. You know—where life’s dream lies dis­il­lu­sioned and dark shadows follow me. (But that’s an­other story for an­other time.) Each year on this day I try to write some­thing about my ex­pe­ri­ence of being an Elvis fan since I was in grade school way, way back in the ’50s. READ MORE

so just what was elvis’ biggest hit of all time?

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WHAT WAS ELVIS PRESLEY’S BIGGEST HIT? The term “hit” al­most al­ways refers to one side of a single, whether it is an an­ti­quated 45 rpm single (1949-1989) or a pre­his­toric 78 rpm single (1898-1958). The term is rel­a­tive: A record that made it to #88 and stayed on the na­tional Top 100 for three weeks in 1966 would be a big hit for a rock & roll band on a local record com­pany that only re­ceived air­play and dis­tri­b­u­tion in north­eastern Penn­syl­vania. READ MORE

a fivesome of quora questions about elvis answered

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SINCE I AM CURRENTLY TOILING AWAY at var­ious projects of con­sid­er­able girth—I mean, length—I’m going to post a few short-shorts. To break up things while I am re­searching and writing, I turn to Quora and an­swer ques­tions. Quora is a question-and-answer site where ques­tions are asked by users and then an­swered by other users, ei­ther fac­tu­ally or in the form of opin­ions. READ MORE

something private about elvis presley the man

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FORTY-TWO IS TODAY’S NUMBER. Forty-two years ago, Elvis Presley died at the age of 42. There will be fit­ting trib­utes to his mu­sical and cul­tural legacy all over the in­ternet, all around the planet, all through the weekend. Lawdy Miss Clawdy, but there should be lots of his music being played every­where you go. So I thought I would offer some­thing non-musical, some­thing quiet, some­thing more pri­vate about Elvis Presley the man — not Elvis Presley the recording and movie star. READ MORE

“sixties elvis” versus “seventies elvis”

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THE QUESTION ON QUORA was “Which was better, 60s Elvis or 70s Elvis?” I was sur­prised to see that the first two an­swers were “70’s” as I can’t imagine any se­rious stu­dent of Pres­ley’s recorded output would prefer his de­clining years over his ma­ture middle years. Oh well, that’s why Wholly Grom­mett gave us free will and in­di­vidual taste.





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