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what was the first elvis record that rca victor released?

THE FIRST ELVIS RECORDS were five singles that Sun Records released between July 1954 and August 1955. But what was the next Elvis record, the first one that RCA Victor released? For some collectors, it would be the first record that RCA manufactured that featured at least one track by Presley, including various artist albums. [Read more] “what was the first elvis record that rca victor released?”

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rca victor’s spd series of specialty records of the ’50s

THERE ARE SPECIAL RECORDS issued in 1955-1956 that command big bucks from Elvis collectors, such as SPD-15. Each title in RCA Victor’s SPD series is a special record or set of records. Some titles were made for special retail sales events while others were made for promotional purposes, such as giveaways at special social events. [Read more] “rca victor’s spd series of specialty records of the ’50s”

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just gimme some truth about colonel parker

BAZ LUHRMAN’S “ELVIS” has made thousands of know-nothings into overnight experts on both Presley and Tom Parker. While I loved the movie (and appreciate the Hollywood Foreign Press Association recognizing Austin Butler’s phenomenal performance), Luhrman took some serious “artistic license” with many facts about both men’s careers. [Read more] “just gimme some truth about colonel parker”

elvis and the illuminating turntable

AN ELVIS REISSUE may be one of the rarest and most valuable Elvis records of the past fifty years. Or, it may be another fake collectible deserving no better status than that of a cleverly-made-yet-unnecessary bootleg. And it’s tied in with a fooked-up but very interesting picture cover and—get this—an illuminating turntable! [Read more] “elvis and the illuminating turntable”

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