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what was the first all-elvis poster?

WHAT WAS THE FIRST ALL-ELVIS POSTER? I don’t mean posters, flyers, or hand­bills for his con­certs but an ac­tual poster of Elvis. Since the posters-on-everyone’s-wall phe­nom­enon was years in the fu­ture, the most ob­vious place to look would be for posters made by his record com­pany to pro­mote his records in stores around the country. [Read more] “what was the first all-elvis poster?”

hand-painted poster for elvis concert in 1956

HAND-PAINTED POSTERS ARE UNIQUE, even if sev­eral are pro­duced for the same event. Even though each poster ap­pears iden­tical, each is one of a kind. The poster below was cre­ated in 1956 and it is prob­ably safe to say that only a few were made and most were prob­ably de­stroyed or re-used after the event. [Read more] “hand-painted poster for elvis concert in 1956”

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“see him! hear him! on stage show” flyer

ELVIS’ FIRST AP­PEAR­ANCE on na­tional tele­vi­sion was on Jan­uary 28, 1956, when he per­formed two songs on Jackie Gleason’s Stage Show. This was the first time that most Amer­i­cans got to see him andun­less they were a fan of country & western music—it was the first time they got to hear him sing! [Read more] ““see him! hear him! on stage show” flyer”

Elvis 1968 NBCTVSpecial Nothingville 1500 crop

from graceland to burbank to graceland

BEST CLASSIC BANDS just pub­lished “Elvis Presley’s ’68 Come­back: Bur­bank to Grace­land” (although it should have been “Grace­land to Bur­bank”). It ad­dressed the tele­vi­sion spe­cial, the records as­so­ci­ated with it, and what fol­lowed. The ar­ticle de­clared, “By the final days of the decade, Elvis was ar­guably as fa­mous as he had been in the ’50s.” [Read more] “from graceland to burbank to graceland”

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should I believe anything I read about elvis on quora?

SOMEONE ASKED ME, “Should I be­lieve any­thing I read about Elvis on Quora?” I be­lieve in an­swering yes-or-no ques­tions with a yes or a no, so I re­sponded with a simple “Yes.” But I also be­lieve in adding nec­es­sary caveats to those one-word an­swers so I fol­lowed that with, “But only if I wrote it.” [Read more] “should I believe anything I read about elvis on quora?”

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is elvis presley’s “suspicious minds” about gaslighting?

IF AN OLD FRIEND I KNOW stops by to say hello, should my wife be sus­pi­cious? That de­pends on my per­sonal history—was I al­ways a good boy?—and whether that old friend is an ex-coworker or an ex-lover. This was brought upon by a ques­tion on Quora: “Is ‘Sus­pi­cious Mind’ con­sid­ered a gaslighting-themed song?” [Read more] “is elvis presley’s “suspicious minds” about gaslighting?”

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mae boren axton’s handwritten lyrics to “heartbreak hotel”

THE HAND­WRITTEN LYRICS to Heart­break Hotel by Mae Boren Axton from Oc­tober 1955 were up for sale re­cently. There are few songs in the his­tory of rock & roll that are more im­por­tant to the genre’s de­vel­op­ment as the world’s most pop­ular music during the post-war 20th cen­tury and none have a better origin story. [Read more] “mae boren axton’s handwritten lyrics to “heartbreak hotel””

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was elvis wildly better in the ’68 comeback than in anything else?

BE­CAUSE I AM MORE FO­CUSED OF LATE and there­fore spending wildly better quality time with my blogs, I haven’t spent much time reading ques­tions on Quora—either those of a mu­sical or a po­lit­ical bent—and ab­sorbing the wealth of in­for­mative data that can be found there. (I say—that’s a joke, son‚ a joke.) [Read more] “was elvis wildly better in the ’68 comeback than in anything else?”

Elvis RCAGoldRecord AllShookUp disc 600

rca’s regal in-house gold record award for “all shook up”

BE­FORE THERE WERE RIAA GOLD RECORDS, sim­ilar awards were presented to artists by their record com­pa­nies. Col­lec­tors dif­fer­en­tiate be­tween these two types of awards by re­fer­ring to com­pany awards as “in-house” whereas RIAA awards are “of­fi­cial.” While searching the in­ternet, I found an RCA Victor award for an Elvis record on the Rock­hurst Auc­tion website. [Read more] “rca’s regal in-house gold record award for “all shook up””