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rca’s regal in-house gold record award for “all shook up”

BE­FORE THERE WERE RIAA GOLD RECORDS, sim­ilar awards were presented to artists by their record com­pa­nies. Col­lec­tors dif­fer­en­tiate be­tween these two types of awards by re­fer­ring to com­pany awards as “in-house” whereas RIAA awards are “of­fi­cial.” While searching the in­ternet, I found an RCA Victor award for an Elvis record on the Rock­hurst Auc­tion website. [Read more] “rca’s regal in-house gold record award for “all shook up””

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lew shiner, elvis, and “mystery train”

I DON’T NOR­MALLY DO BOOK RE­VIEWS be­cause I find it dif­fi­cult to com­mu­ni­cate my en­thu­siasm without in­cluding spoilers. But here I offer a short story re­view. Twenty-five years ago, I was turned on to Lew Shin­er’s novel Glimpses. I loved the book and found Shiner’s other novels and read them and I be­came a fan. [Read more] “lew shiner, elvis, and “mystery train””

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rca victor’s “gold standard series” launched in 1955

RCA VIC­TOR’S “GOLD STAN­DARD SE­RIES” launched in 1955! The se­ries is known for keeping Elvis Presley records in print since 1958. Dozens of Presley num­bers went through as many as five major label de­signs, with many now selling for hun­dreds of dol­lars! But it was not con­ceived of as a resting place for Presley oldies. [Read more] “rca victor’s “gold standard series” launched in 1955”

the day the king met the crook (one strange moment in history)

ONE STRANGE MO­MENT IN HIS­TORY oc­curred when Pres­i­dent Richard Nixon (the crook) wel­comed Elvis Presley (the king) to the White House on De­cember 21, 1970. The pres­i­dent posed for photos with the reclu­sive singer, making it ap­pear as though Tricky Dick was re­ceiving the en­dorse­ment of one of the least po­lit­ical celebri­ties in the world. [Read more] “the day the king met the crook (one strange moment in history)”

important: do you receive email notifications from this blog?

IF YOU ARE A SUB­SCRIBER TO THIS BLOG (Elvis – A Touch Of Gold) and you do not re­ceive up­dates and other no­ti­fi­ca­tions via email from this blog, listen up! It ap­pears that I ini­tially mis­un­der­stood quite a few things in set­ting this blog up, in­cluding the sub­scrip­tion process and how emails are sent to subscribers. [Read more] “important: do you receive email notifications from this blog?”

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always check your source’s sources!

AL­WAYS CHECK YOUR SOURCE’S SOURCES! If you are not hip to the fact that bil­lions of “facts” cir­cu­lating on the in­ternet aren’t re­motely factual—even when found on oft-quoted web­sites or from well-known authors—then con­sider this your wake-up call. Many writers don’t know enough about their topics to know when a source is unreliable. [Read more] “always check your source’s sources!”

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arthur crudup might just be forgotten if not for elvis

ELVIS DID NOT “STEAL” ANY­THING and es­pe­cially not Arthur Crudup’s roy­al­ties. For decades, I have read ar­ti­cles that men­tion Crudup’s being cheated of his roy­al­ties, both as a recording artist and as a song­writer, while also men­tioning that Presley made mil­lions of dol­lars as if the two sit­u­a­tions are somehow con­nected. [Read more] “arthur crudup might just be forgotten if not for elvis”

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the highly collectible elvis presley phonographs of 1956

THE EX­PLOITA­TION OF ELVIS PRESLEY began in 1956. Elvis Presley En­ter­prises was es­tab­lished to au­tho­rize the man­u­fac­turing of nov­elty items about “the most talked about new per­son­ality in the last ten years of recorded music” to be sold to fans. RCA Victor also cap­i­tal­ized on their singer’s pop­u­larity by man­u­fac­turing a pair of Elvis Presley phono­graphs. [Read more] “the highly collectible elvis presley phonographs of 1956”

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why did Elvis make such a terrible movie as “speedway”?

AN­OTHER DAY, AN­OTHER QUES­TION ON QUORA about Elvis that needed an­swering. The ques­tion was, “I watched Speedway today. Why did Elvis make such a ter­rible movie?” More than forty years after his death, that re­mains a dif­fi­cult ques­tion to an­swer. Most people—even fans that should know better—blame the Colonel. [Read more] “why did Elvis make such a terrible movie as “speedway”?”