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is this the holy grail of elvis concert posters?

I PUBLISHED TWO ARTICLES on Elvis posters from 1956. While researching those items, I came across this poster from 1955 with Faron Young at the top of the bill and Elvis at the bottom. Some sources refer to this poster as one of the few Holy Grails in the world of rock & roll posters! [Read more] “is this the holy grail of elvis concert posters?”

Elvis Poster RCA 1956 600x755 1

what was the first all-elvis poster?

WHAT WAS THE FIRST ALL-ELVIS POSTER? I don’t mean posters, flyers, or handbills for his concerts but an actual poster of Elvis. Since the posters-on-everyone’s-wall phenomenon was years in the future, the most obvious place to look would be for posters made by his record company to promote his records in stores around the country. [Read more] “what was the first all-elvis poster?”

hand-painted poster for elvis concert in 1956

HAND-PAINTED POSTERS ARE UNIQUE, even if several are produced for the same event. Even though each poster appears identical, each is one of a kind. The poster below was created in 1956 and it is probably safe to say that only a few were made and most were probably destroyed or re-used after the event. [Read more] “hand-painted poster for elvis concert in 1956”

Elvis poster JackieGleason StageShow 600 clean 1

“see him! hear him! on stage show” flyer

ELVIS’ FIRST APPEARANCE on national television was on January 28, 1956, when he performed two songs on Jackie Gleason’s Stage Show. This was the first time that most Americans got to see him andunless they were a fan of country & western music—it was the first time they got to hear him sing! [Read more] ““see him! hear him! on stage show” flyer”

Elvis 1968 NBCTVSpecial Nothingville 1500 crop

from graceland to burbank to graceland

BEST CLASSIC BANDS just published “Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback: Burbank to Graceland” (although it should have been “Graceland to Burbank”). It addressed the television special, the records associated with it, and what followed. The article declared, “By the final days of the decade, Elvis was arguably as famous as he had been in the ’50s.” [Read more] “from graceland to burbank to graceland”

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