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quora is an unreliable source of information about records

I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT WIKIPEDIA and why it is an un­re­li­able source of in­for­ma­tion about pop­ular music and records. It seems that every time I look up any­thing about music and records, I find er­rors. Most are fac­tual errors—titles, dates, cat­alog num­bers, etc.—while some re­flect the con­trib­u­tors not un­der­standing the topic under discussion. [Continue reading]

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the elvis collectables records discography and price guide

WHAT SERIES OF ELVIS SINGLES re­ceives even less at­ten­tion from col­lec­tors than the “new black” label Gold Stan­dard sin­gles from the late ’70s? The Col­lec­tables Records ti­tles! In fact, most Elvis col­lec­tors have dis­missed the idea of even adding Col­lec­tables 45s and LPs to their want-lists. [Continue reading]

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unusual elvis “touch of marble” picture sleeve found

FINDING A NEW ITEM TO COLLECT in the world of Elvis records is a rather rare oc­cur­rence. After all, the man has been dead for more than forty years and RCA stopped mass-producing vinyl records more than twenty years ago. Nonethe­less, “new” things do ap­pear, such as a stash of un­usual pic­ture sleeves that re­cently turned up for sale on the internet. [Continue reading]

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elton john used to collect elvis bootleg albums

TO RAISE FUNDS FOR HIS AIDS CHARITY, Elton John sold his record col­lec­tion through a Sothe­by’s auc­tion in 1993. The col­lec­tion con­tained more than 70,000 items, in­cluding sin­gles, al­bums, 8-track tapes, cas­settes, and com­pact discs. Pro­ceeds from the sale went to the Elton John AIDS Foun­da­tion, which re­mains an on­going con­cern that has raised more than $400,000,000 over the past quarter-century. [Continue reading]