when elvis was a top-secret agent for the cia

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I HAVE BEEN DISTRACTED OF LATE, working on my pub­li­ca­tion on Medium, Tell It Like It Was. I have also been spending a lot of time working on the in­ternal work­ings of my web­sites. I re­placed a few plu­gins and jet­ti­soned a few others. When you call up this one you may no­tice that it loads a hell of a lot faster than it ever has.

Then there’s the pro­tracted winter we are having here in the Pa­cific North­west. It’s al­most Au­gust and we have only had a few days that anyone would mis­take for summer, few of them con­sec­u­tively. This means that we have been seeing lots of clouds and rain, which caused my SAD to creep up on me without my paying it any heed.

SAD is an acronym—and yes, I’m using the word correctly—for sea­sonal af­fec­tive disorder:

“Sea­sonal af­fec­tive dis­order (SAD) is a type of de­pres­sion that’s re­lated to changes in seasons—SAD be­gins and ends at about the same times every year. If you’re like most people with SAD, your symp­toms start in the fall and con­tinue into the winter months, sap­ping your en­ergy and making you feel moody. Less often, SAD causes de­pres­sion in the spring or early summer.” (Mayo Clinic)

I have the “less often” va­riety but, for­tu­nately, I seem to be at the tail-end of it and am starting to feel a bit spunky. Well, as spunky as someone whose 68th birthday is a few weeks away.

So, to jump­start my get­ting back to writing reg­u­larly for A Touch Of Gold, I sought in­spi­ra­tion in some of the ques­tions being asked on Quora. And I found one that I had fun answering—even if it wasn’t quite the an­swer the ques­tioner was prob­ably looking for. The ques­tion was Is There Any Proof that Elvis Presley was a CIA Agent or Spy?


Elvis MoulinRouge 4girls 1000

This photo of Elvis with some of the girls he met at the Moulin Rouge, a strip-club in Mu­nich, Ger­many.  Elvis got a two-week leave and took three guys with him to Mu­nich and then on to Paris. Elvis claimed to have spent $10,000 on the trip to Paris, and that “it was worth every cent of it.” (Elvis His­tory Blog

Elvis meets Eli

Yes. When Elvis vis­ited the Moulin Rouge night­club in Mu­nich in June 1959, he was un­wit­tingly part of a top-secret “event” planned by the folks at the CIA’s super-duper top-secret MK-ULTRA pro­gram. This pro­gram was set up to ex­per­i­ment with mind-altering sub­stances, hope­fully, to be used in gath­ering “in­tel­li­gence” from cap­tured com­miepinko agents from the USSR, China, and Viet Nam.

Un­be­knownst to the people in at­ten­dance at the Moulin Rouge, LSD in mist form was cir­cu­lated throughout the club. CIA agents watched the ef­fects through the club’s 2-way mirrors.

If you have seen photos of Elvis from that night and you thought that he and the people he was with all look kinda weird. that’s be­cause they’re all trip­ping their heinies off and don’t know it (see photo below)!

Elvis had such a blast that he made him­self avail­able for fur­ther MK-ULTRA events. Ba­si­cally, Elvis vol­un­tarily dosed the en­tire cast and crew of every one of the mu­si­cals he made from 1960 through 1969. That’s right—the reason those movies range from silly to inept is that everyone in­volved in making them was trip­ping on pure LSD sup­plied to them by Elvis cour­tesy of Eli Lilly.

The most suc­cessful ex­per­i­ment as­so­ci­ated with an Elvis movie was during the filming of the oth­er­wise dreadful Harum Scarum in 1965. A few years ear­lier, the MK-ULTRA people had killed an ele­phant (Tusko) by giving it a mon­strously huge dose of acid. During Harum Scarum, they gave a donkey a much more reasonable—but still large—dose of LSD.

And you know what? The donkey talked!

The problem was the donkey started asking Elvis why he was squan­dering his tal­ents in all these gaw­dawful movies and both the CIA the Colonel had the an­imal re­moved from the set.

So the next time you hear someone bad­mouth those silly Elvis movies, you just tell that person that Elvis was doing his pa­tri­otic duty by making them!

PS: During the 1966 Christmas season, Elvis in­tro­duced Priscilla and a few of his bud­dies to LSD. That ap­par­ently was the only time he did acid out­side the con­trol of his CIA/MK-ULTRA handlers.


Elvis EdgeOfReality PS Australia 600

The only record that Elvis recorded that nodded in the di­rec­tion of the Psy­che­delic Six­ties was Edge of Re­ality. Recorded for the sound­track to the Live a Little, Love a Little movie, it was re­leased as the flip-side to If I Can Dream in late 1968. In Aus­tralia (pic­ture sleeve is shown above), Edge of Re­ality was the pre­ferred side and topped the charts on sev­eral charts down under.

Edge of reality

That’s it—that’s my an­swer. And while it was fun to write, it is true that Elvis, Pris, and some of the guys tried LSD in 1966. Re­port­edly, a fine time was had by all but there are no other anec­dotes of Elvis trying any consciousness-expanding sub­stances. Un­for­tu­nately, he was more at­tracted to consciousness-contacting substances.


Elvis psychedelic HarumScarum 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The art­work at the top of this page is a mixed-media col­lage that ap­pears to have been cre­ated by The Ben­lyon. Type “psy­che­delic elvis” into your browser and the pick­ings are slim. I lucked out with this one be­cause it was one of the few that looks like it could have been as­sem­bled in the ’60s and it uses Elvis from Harum Scarum as its motif.

Un­for­tu­nately, the link that I orig­i­nally used is broken and I can’t find a  link to The Ben­lyon (or even punk art Ben Lyon) and this piece of art any­where! I typed “psy­che­delic elvis” into my browser and couldn’t find the orig­inal source.



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