Listing Notice for the “Steamroller Blues” / “Fool” single

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This is the Listing No­tice for the re­lease of RCA Victor 74-0910, Steam­roller Blues / Fool. Click on the image to en­large it to a read­able size. 

Wikipedian Boners: Photo of RCA's Listing Notice for shipping the Steamroller Blues / Fool single.

Note the Issue Date in the upper right is 03/13/73. That is, RCA or­dered that the record was to be shipped from the pressing plants to whole­salers and re­tail out­lets on March 13, 1973.

Also, note that Steam­roller Blues is listed as Side 1 (or A-side) while Fool is listed as Side 2 (or B-side).

The image of the Listing No­tice is cour­tesy of Keith Flynn’s Elvis Presley Pages.

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