elvis still among best-selling artists of the century

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SALES OF PHYS­ICAL COPIES OF AL­BUMS, both com­pact discs (CD) and good ol’ long-playing records (LP) cer­tainly ain’t what they used to be. MRC Data re­cently tal­lied up those sales and pro­vided the media with a Top 10 best-selling album artists of the first two decades of the 21st cen­tury. And Elvis was still among the them!

For the list, MRC Data—formerly Nielson Sound­Scan and Nielsen Music—includes CDs and LPs (sales of which are still growing year by year). I have no idea how ac­cu­rate MRC, but Bill­board re­lies on it to as­semble their charts while the Recording In­dustry As­so­ci­a­tion of America (RIAA) does not.

Here is that list with the total sales of al­bums in the US:

1.    Adele                        23,924,000
2.   Taylor Swift             22,972,000
3.   Em­inem                    13,862,000
4.   Justin Bieber           12,098,000
5.   Drake                        10,526,000
6.   The Bea­tles              10,309,000
7.   Luke Bryan                 9,572,000
8.   Lady An­te­bellum      9,452,000
9.   Michael Buble           9,444,000
10. Elvis Presley              9,278,000

That’s the list. Does it in­clude sales of Elvis CDs and records on the Follow That Dream (FTD) im­print, of which there are now more than 300 ti­tles? I don’t know but if not, then adding them bump Elvis up to #3.



The 2015 album IF I CAN DREAM fea­tured Pres­ley’s vo­cals dropped onto newly recorded backing tracks pro­vided by Eng­land’s Royal Phil­har­monic Or­chestra. It was a mas­sive seller in the UK but only a modest seller in the US.

Elvis still among the best

So Elvis re­mains among the leaders in discs sold. I was as sur­prised to see him on the list as I was sur­prised not to see Led Zep­pelin and Michael Jackson. And that’s it for one of the shortest ar­ti­cles that I have pub­lished on Elvis – A Touch Of Gold.

I was as sur­prised to see Elvis among the best-selling artists of this cen­tury as I was sur­prised not to see Led Ze­pellin and Michael Jackson. Click To Tweet

Still among best-selling artists: photo of Taylor Swift on stage in 2019.

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is of Taylor Swift. Nor­mally, I would choose ei­ther a photo of Elvis or the artist who tapped the list—here that is Adele. I have plenty of photos of Elvis on this site and as much as I enjoy looking at Adele, I went with Ms. Swift for po­lit­ical rea­sons, this being the time of year that it is. I found this lovely photo ac­com­pa­nying the ar­ticle “Taylor Swift’s Album ‘Lover’: Breaking Down the Most Telling Lyrics” on the US Mag­a­zine website.


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