elvis presley bootleg picture sleeves 1954-1956

Elvis Memphis1956 cropped

EVERY RECORD COLLECTOR should be fa­miliar with some if not all of the many col­orful pic­ture sleeves that ac­com­pa­nied Elvis Presley records in the 1950s, many col­lec­tors may not be aware that not all Presley Product was is­sued with such a sleeve. All of them are col­lec­table and I would argue that al­most all of them are truly under-valued in truly near mint con­di­tion (NM), even harder than THAT to find in mint con­di­tion (M)! READ MORE

It hurts me to be a kissin’ cousin

Elvis AnnMargret VivaLasVegas dance 1500 1

THE ROUND PLACE IN THE MIDDLE is a web­site that I stum­bled over some­time last year. There John Ross writes about rock & roll and Elvis and books and movies and even about critics with their arses up their heads. I was im­pressed with writing, in­sights, ar­gu­ments. So I sent him a mes­sage and that was more or less it. READ MORE

the importance of “in the ghetto” – part 2

Elvis ChangeHabit 450X650

THIS SECOND PART of “The Im­por­tance of ‘In the Ghetto’ ” is a follow-up to the pre­vi­ously pub­lished “The im­por­tance of In The Ghetto.” This piece here is a sort of ad­dendum of bits and pieces that can be as­so­ci­ated with In The Ghetto the record. It in­cludes an ac­count of my pur­chase of the record in April 1969, an in­tro­duc­tion to the song as Mac Davis con­ceived it and Elvis recorded it, and my re­sponses to some of John’s key points. READ MORE

on the importance of “in the ghetto”

Elvis FromElvisInMemphis LegacyEdition 1500 crop

IN EARLY 1969, fol­lowing the as­sas­si­na­tion of Martin Luther King Jr and the Holy Week Up­rising and then the as­sas­si­na­tion of Robert Kennedy and the po­lice riot at the De­mo­c­ratic Na­tional Con­ven­tion, Elvis Presley chose to record a mes­sage song about racism. It turned out to be one of the most im­por­tant records in his ca­reer, al­though it is rarely rec­og­nized as such. READ MORE

the “haircut” picture sleeves of the sixties

Elvis Spinout lobby card 1600 copy

MY RESPONSE when first seeing the pic­ture sleeve for Elvis Pres­ley’s new single Spinout / All That I Am in the summer of ’66 was be­fud­dle­ment. He looked ridicu­lous and al­most didn’t look like Elvis Presley! His face was puffy and round, he was wearing make-up, and he had the most out­landish, “retro” hair-do imag­in­able? READ MORE

hound dogs and baby books

Elvis SteveAllen hounddog 1500 crop

ACCORDING TO MY BABY BOOK—and I don’t know if that is a Catholic tra­di­tion or what but I don’t meet a lot of people who know what they are—when I was 5-years old, my fa­vorite song was Sh-Boom. (“Life could be a dream sh-boom sh-boom.”) That would have been the Crew Cuts’ ver­sion, of course. READ MORE

Wooden Heart compact 33 single and picture sleeve

Elvis G.I.Blues movie scene baby 1500 crop

IN 1961, RCA Victor re­leased four Elvis sin­gles in the US: Sur­render, I Feel So Bad, Little Sister, and Can’t Help Falling In Love. These over­lapped with RCA Vic­tor’s ex­per­i­menting with 7-inch sin­gles that played in mono but at 33 rpm in­stead of the usual 45. READ MORE