the “haircut” picture sleeves of the sixties

Elvis Spinout lobby card 1600 copy

MY RESPONSE when first seeing the pic­ture sleeve for Elvis Pres­ley’s new single Spinout / All That I Am in the summer of ’66 was be­fud­dle­ment. He looked ridicu­lous and al­most didn’t look like Elvis Presley! His face was puffy and round, he was wearing make-up, and he had the most out­landish, “retro” hair-do imaginable? [Continue reading]

hound dogs and baby books

Elvis SteveAllen hounddog 1500 crop

ACCORDING TO MY BABY BOOK—and I don’t know if that is a Catholic tra­di­tion or what but I don’t meet a lot of people who know what they are—when I was 5-years old, my fa­vorite song was Sh-Boom. (“Life could be a dream sh-boom sh-boom.”) [Continue reading]